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Oral money to her boyfriend, but he did not appreciate magicq

Posted on November 19, 2017 by hanson

Oral: money to her boyfriend, but he did not appreciate I have a near perfect chest, like quiet pigeon, clean, fresh. Boyfriend Huang zhe not once praised my breast, beautiful. However, I have a perfect breast, the other, like countless small white-collar workers, with low wages, in a rented house, a continuation of our love. The skyrocketing prices, let us in this city looking room sigh, however, this does not affect my attention on new projects quickly, I will miss Zhang Yan familiar with sales. Let me the most is the envy of Zhang Yan has a large-sized apartment apartment building. Sunny, cool breeze blowing, I have been there once, then love. Zhang Yan is considerate, she gently handed over the keys, you said, love will come to live. I smile to a sour heart. Sadly, at this time, Huang zhe unemployed. Our life is more difficult. I struggled to borrow money from Zhang Yan. She promised me. When entering the door, she found her eyes red and swollen, tears in his eyes. She said, you stay with me tonight, okay? I nod. In the evening, Zhang Yan told me, in fact, do not support a man, a house is not a problem for the. Your perfect breast is your treasure, don’t waste it. Looked at my puzzled eyes, she gently smiled and said, have you heard of the chest model? I know, of course, is dedicated to the chest, advertising model. But subconsciously I will head shaken like a rattle. Zhang Yan said with a laugh, I did not expect you so conservative. You know what? To do the chest model, you pay a piece of advertising, is now a year of income. I look unmoved, she said, to be honest with you, I used to be the chest mode, because of the unexpected pregnancy, for my company liability for breach of contract, require huge compensation, but if I introduce a chest mode, companies will be exempted from my default. And your monthly income will reach forty thousand. This number has attracted me. Huang Zhe looking for work because of nationhood, increasingly violent, we quarrel, increasingly frequent. And in the night, I look at his sleeping face, like a baby, my heart is soft. I think, in order to boyfriend, for our love, in order to continue to survive in this city, I have to do chest model. I went to Zhang Yan said the company candidates, actually very smooth. On the second day, the company asked me to shoot a group of advertisements in the dark basement. Also told to take off their clothes. I was terrified, but I don’t want to work not completed, due to shake loose underwear, leading his hot hand rudely tore up my underwear, so stiff do model. And then the man was so hard on me that he was going to let go. I want to refuse, but afraid to lose this opportunity. Only the humiliation. Later, I know, in fact, that day is the real interview, if I refused, will be dismissed immediately. And they do, is for me let me do for the company. After that, I took a group of advertising. After the advertisement is finished, the effect is very good. On TV, Huang Zhe said, "it’s beautiful, just like yours.". A bitter taste in my heart相关的主题文章: