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Not hurt each other, will not really love-winfast

Posted on April 18, 2018 by hanson

No harm to each other, it will not really love to pay attention to the public number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! Source: mercy reading last night a friend asked what I was doing, I said in the humidifier cleaning scale, with a little noise, after cleaning should be good. She said that much trouble ah, you this humidifier for how long, how much money? I said that nearly two years, 79 packets. She said, don’t bother directly for new, no money, not worth cleaning scale. I certainly can not bear to throw away and buy new, not money, but this thing is still valuable, even if there is a problem, but also in the ability to solve range, be dealt with. You can continue to use, really do not need to change new. My friends scorn "will" and "conservative", but is a consumable, bad change, more simple, I understand this truth, nor can not do, but each approach is not the same, some people love everything is new, a point defect can not accept, but I prefer to wear the acceptance of life and time, are willing to take the time to repair, when something has value and significance to change, rather than lose lose. Treat relationships and feelings as well. There is a problem with any relationship and affection, which is almost a default. But some people can only see the gaps, choose discarded, someone still miss it, willing to spend time to improve and repair, until it exudes mellow gloss feeling. There are two different friends around me. Some people tend to choose one person, old friend not much but all have experienced the test of friendship, but also not encountered a dispute and disagreement, but they are willing to spend the time and patience to nurture and to repair, because they believe that since can become friends and lovers, in addition to the fate, there must be mutual appreciation and recognition the place, worth to overcome obstacles. A word is not enough to break up, the time is not the number of precipitation, but the quality of the relationship, which is the "update" feelings can not replace the emotional concentration. Some people do not stop for the love object, time is not long, the reasons for breaking up are some small problems in my opinion it, sometimes because of a harsh word the other dispute, sometimes because of both personal views on something different, one is because the other side for a new job. Cannot often meet. I’m from the beginning to now as usual is surprised, because I already know, this friend would have been so frustrating, it is difficult to establish a deep connection with people, because she can only accept the feelings as she wishes, as long as there is a little discord, her habit is to dissolve the relationship, because in her opinion, repair and the improvement of the cost is too high, for more convenient new. We are accustomed to "trouble", but also the pursuit of how to treat the relationship between this principle, always feel that the world is full of men and women, another is not what difficult, perhaps like online shopping today, tomorrow orders, shipping to your hands. The new thing is good at the beginning, or how someone will sigh with emotion, "if only if the first life"相关的主题文章: