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Next week, the oil price adjustment Xiaobian tell you where to go to the most affordable-www.75zzz.com

Posted on April 19, 2018 by hanson

Next week, the oil price adjustment? Xiaobian tell you where the most affordable gas in this round of price cycle, the international crude oil price of $50 a barrel, up and down, the prediction of social analysis mechanism, to November 2nd 24 a new round of price adjustment window opens, the domestic oil price greater probability aground. With the wholesale and retail price difference is pulled big, the gas station is still large promotional efforts. Recently, the market questioned whether the statement and the implementation of OPEC production in December, the Fed rate hike is expected to increase to boost the dollar, making the round of refined oil amplitude narrowing and from positive to negative operation, therefore, the industry forecast oil price adjustment stranded probability increases, the corresponding amplitude or not more than 50 yuan tons of positive and negative price line. In the last round of price adjustment, the domestic retail price of gasoline has been basically in the range of 6 yuan, the recent domestic wholesale price of gasoline and diesel in different degrees of decline, the zero profit is widened, part of gas station gasoline large promotional efforts. According to the oil passenger network statistics, October 28th Jincheng refueling 92 gasoline station discount concentrated in 0.17-0.6 yuan per liter, which, in the city of peace, the oil gas station joint oil gas station, Tianjin Huanyu Jin Sheng Leichang Fengtai No. 92 gasoline price in 0.3 yuan per liter to 0.5 yuan between the gas station. There are a lot of other gas station refueling card brush concessions and other activities, so the owners in the range of 5 yuan is still able to add oil.相关的主题文章: