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Net exposure Huangpi sparrow restaurants did not reflect too deceptive customer order money www.cpew.cn

Posted on November 16, 2017 by hanson

Net exposure Huangpi sparrow restaurants did not reflect too deceptive customer order money photograph Chu network today newspaper material map: users reflect the sparrow restaurants deceptive users reflect a sparrow restaurants Huangpi Huyou consumers Luohansi Street loess on the edge of the road, do not take the initiative to produce a la carte menu price, only in front of consumers Akira the menu, checkout, a meal to 68 yuan. Yesterday, the reporter went to the town. According to friends in the big Chu today newspaper material post: Huangpi hotel features sparrow too much friends Lee reflect, 4 days after Jinli Street ditch return, passing Huangpi characteristics of a sparrow Hotel, see the roadside parking lot more, the number of meals, so want to be cheating. Just sit down, a woman ordering, ask a few people. She grabbed the menu will not pass up, and said impatiently: "you said a few dishes on the line, sparrows, doves and a dish, a basin of gruel, this arrangement". Mr. Lee felt wrong, ask how much money. The other side replied: "hundred pieces, will not scare you." Check out a look, silly eye, sparrow 68 yuan, 100 yuan, the meal is 68 yuan, plus the porridge, the total is 314 yuan. Mr. Lee see, next to a man in the checkout, 5 people ate 700 yuan, with the shop a few theory is useless, only bad luck. Reporters found that the search, many consumers in the store to eat rice, said consumers suffered flicker. Last May Day, friends, bathed in sunshine to the store to eat, when the menu, the waiter immediately took away the menu. Net friend "CCTG" said also eat, really pit. Yesterday morning, the reporter went to the edge of the Loess Road, which is called "Hengshan characteristics of the flavor of the dragon" restaurant (Figure). The restaurant covers a large area and stops a lot of cars. Reporters sat down, some members of the order to be impatient to say that most people have to eat the boss signs dishes, a reporter and his party two people point to the sparrow and the next meal, plus tableware, rice, a total of $140. The reporter asked a neighbor table just closing of Mr. Chen, Mr. Chen said, the store came up and said to eat four dishes, dishes in a newspaper, adding a dish, also did not say the price, to 300 yuan unexpectedly checkout. Chen said that if you know the price in advance, will not eat in this. Consumers are also reflected in the checkout, the menu is to write some of the dishes, no dish is also written on the menu, the consumer does not have control after that, it delimits the cashier. Consumers said that the shop did so fudge consumers suspected. Yesterday afternoon, the reporter will be reflected to the consumer hotline 12315 and the mayor hotline 12345, as of press time reporter, has not received a reply. (reporter Lin Jing)相关的主题文章: