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National Day holiday Hubei civilized tourism tree new wind – Hubei Channel – People’s network shishangqiyi

Posted on November 16, 2017 by hanson

The National Day holiday   Hubei cultural tourism tree fresh air – Hubei channel — people.com.cn people.com.cn October 8 Wuhan Xinhua (Dong Hang) during the National Day holiday, Hubei Province, a total of 36 million 236 thousand tourists trips, an increase of 20.1%. Among them, the province’s focus on monitoring the total of 25 tourist attractions tourists received 3 million 502 thousand and 500 passengers. Hubei Provincial Tourism Commission received a total of 66 tourists complaints advisory telephone, a decrease of 15.3%. Civilization tourism vogue in hubei. It is reported that the Hubei Provincial Tourism Commission before the tourism reception work made a special deployment, and sent 5 working groups to go around the tourism tourism market security, comprehensive supervision work to carry out centralized supervision and inspection. Do the maintenance of stability in Hubei Province issued an emergency notice on earnestly National Day during the public security management work, promote the coordination of tourism and public security, safety supervision, transportation and other departments, to ensure the safe and peaceful society during the national day. Around the area according to the laws of the market and the historical experience of the golden week, considering the traffic, weather, consumer psychology, marketing, travel radius and other factors, good market anticipation in advance, establish a sound early warning mechanism, preparation of complete good emergency plan, the implementation of various measures to effectively prevent and avoid the crowded and chaotic order, vehicle out of dilemma, tourism facilities risks and other risks. It is understood that the National Day holiday period. Hubei Provincial Tourism Commission launched the sun race civilization tourism and public welfare activities, during the national day, sun race civilization, WeChat received a number of visitors to the public civilization photos uploaded about 2100. Hubei province around the tourism sector, tourism scenic spots to carry out a wide range of "civilized tourism volunteers" and "Chinese tourism plus" and other activities, and vigorously promote the concept of civilized tourism. During the holidays, despite the number of trips and vehicles grew, but rational travel, civilized play tourists everywhere. Fake days ago, affected by the rainy weather and fog, the main highway in Hubei province is more congested, but self driving vehicles to comply with traffic order, there is no uncivilized traffic behavior. The tourist reception peak, the tourist crowds, but the majority of tourists perceived compliance keep ritual, and jointly create a good tour order. In the Wudang Mountains area, more than and 100 every day wearing a little red riding hood, wearing a red vest and civilized tourist volunteer supervisor, active in various attractions, traffic and tourist hub, maintain order, advocate civilization, helping tourists, has become a beautiful scenery line. Enshi Grand Canyon Scenic Area to continue to launch the trash for tickets, looking for the most beautiful tourist activities, to stimulate the majority of visitors to care for the environment, the enthusiasm of civilization tour. Yichang Three Gorges scenic spots and other people to strengthen the publicity and guidance of cultural tourism, warm and thoughtful service to tourists, in the peak of the reception and visitors to create a civilized, orderly tour environment. During the holidays, the tourism market in Hubei province shows the characteristics of government regulation, strong product rich and colorful, the market responded enthusiastically, tourist satisfaction is high, the civilization so safe. (Zhang Jun, commissioning editor Guan Xiyan)相关的主题文章: