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Nanping to build the food industry upgrade version of the construction of the Southern Green -avbox

Posted on April 20, 2018 by hanson

Nanping city to create a version of the   upgrade food industry; the construction of the South Green Food City – Fujian Channel – people.com.cn original title: Nanping city to build food industry upgrade the construction of the South Green Food City "Sunner plans to use three years to become one of the world’s most advanced production and management of broiler production enterprises." Yesterday, the Party Congress, Fujian Sunner development Limited by Share Ltd accounting management director Zhao Dan said, she is full of confidence for the future of the company, because agricultural companies in the industry first opened 4 times of agriculture. The original "broiler processing plant capacity to 6 employees on duty manual grading, low efficiency, easy to appear the deviation caused by the product grade, grade." Zhao Dan said, the company introduced the intelligent classifier, need only 2 employees, effectively improve the production efficiency, ensure product quality grading. This is just a microcosm of Sunner group 4 agriculture, in labour intensive "machine for work" workshop, promote the upgrading of traditional energy, making the transition to smart, is a booster of transformation and upgrading. This year, open agricultural Sunner group 4 times, will realize the intelligent management and production automation, system of food safety, environmental protection, fire protection standardization. In May this year, the creation of the county, "China’s Ecological Food City," declared through expert demonstration. The Party Congress, luster county Party Secretary Chen Minhui said in an interview, "China luster create ecological food city" in 2010, the county’s ecological environment, food industry, the integration of urban and rural construction has been comprehensively promote, make great achievement in the overall ecological protection and industrial development in the next five years, Guangze county to the full development in Shennong group the leader of the 4 agriculture, accelerate the construction of "ecological Chinese Food City", that is to focus on promoting the chicken, water drinks, Chinese herbal medicine, fish products, supplemented by "1+3" to promote the development of the food industry, food processing industry gathering, and strive to 2020, the county food industry sales revenue reached 20 billion yuan. Accelerate the development of industry, the full support of Sunner industrial chain extension, expand the proportion of cooked food processing, promote Fu’an port, cold chain logistics, cooked food processing factory, Wuyi green products marketing alliance and veterinary drugs, vaccines and other key projects; to guide and support the oil mineral water, medicine, fishery and other branch of Edward existing backbone enterprises bigger and stronger. "If the milk is fresh, the cow will be there." The Party Congress, Fujian Changfu Dairy Co. Ltd. the production department deputy general manager Pan Yongsheng said. In his view, in recent years, with the change in consumer attitudes, consumer awareness of milk more and more deep. The rich company through capital expansion, technological transformation, change the mode of operation, the province, Zhejiang Jiangxi rooted radiation market strategy, is to cater to this market trend. Rich in the domestic industry first to achieve full closed milking and milk storage, transportation, sales through-train "cold chain", launched the first "24 hours limit express way milk consumption, Nagafu pasteurized milk has more than 1 million subscribers at present. Based on the local market for the better, the rich company new annual output of 73 thousand tons of fortified milk and milk fermentation project, put into operation in the year has three production lines. The project total investment of 116 million yuan, the introduction of相关的主题文章: