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Nanning interior decoration industry pledge to deodorization floor drain leakage control www.gpsoo.net

Posted on November 19, 2017 by hanson

Nanning interior decoration industry pledge to drain Nanning interior decoration industry deodorant leakproof insect pledge deodorant floor drain to leak – insect News – Nanning news network     Nanning evening news (reporter Gao Yufeng) Nanning back to the south, to drain with pest control, deodorization function; prevent interference, cable TV lines and wires crossed Manxian shielding metal tube…… Usually less decoration will respond to the details of the provisions are now, yesterday, the "technical requirements of Nanning hydropower installation interior decoration" (hereinafter referred to as the "requirements") launched, Nanning interior decoration industry association, the industry pledge". Nanning city currently has about 1000 home decoration company, most companies have a set of their own set of construction technology standards, but these standards are not consistent, even contradictory, is not comprehensive, precise and specific defects, can refer to the actual construction process and operability is poor, some standards are pure is a "cover". Nanning City Decoration Industry Association launched the "Nanning interior decoration hydropower installation technical requirements", let a hydropower installation has expressly provided supervision and evaluation of engineering quality for consumers and the relevant departments on the basis of. "Requirements" is based on the national "residential interior decoration design code," "building electrical engineering construction quality acceptance specification" and other laws and regulations, industry standards. Yesterday, Nanning City Decoration Industry Association member, Guangxi exchange space decoration limited company, Guangxi Sheng Hua Tang Decoration Engineering Co. Ltd., launched the first execution standard of enterprise "activities. Subsequently, the Nanning interior decoration industry association more than and 150 member units will be required to join. So, if members do not comply with the provisions of this industry, how consumers rights? Nanning City Decoration Industry Association Secretary General Tang Guoguo introduced, consumers can be complaints to the association by the Association for coordination, if mediation is not successful, but also support consumer complaints to the relevant departments of industry and commerce. 1. The water outlet pipe from the wall should be 2 cm phenomenon: October, Nanning City Decoration Industry Association received a consumer report, recently renovated the kitchen Water Leakage, water seeps into the downstairs ceiling. The reason, the original is the outlet of the installation is not good. Provisions: "requirements" provisions, should be 2 cm away from the wall outlet, left and right cold heat, the spacing of 15 cm. In accordance with previous house standards for hydropower transformation, the water outlet pipe wall distance is 1.5 cm, now the new standard is 2 cm. That said, when the outlet pipe is installed, the hanging wall putty, tile, still bulging point, so even if the water does not directly penetrate into the wall Water Leakage. 2. Closed circuit line with the metal pipe separation phenomenon: the home of the TV often flash screen? Will the network signal in the room become weaker? This is because of the decoration, closed-circuit line, cable wire sleeve has not encountered embedding shielding metal tube. According to reports, some decoration company made 29 thousand and 800 yuan to give the House package materials decoration is good, in fact, when the materials used in hydropower transformation will be discounted.相关的主题文章: