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Miho Nakayama answer why didn’t change tengjingshu hairstyle – Sohu Entertainment ssdao

Posted on November 16, 2017 by hanson

Miho Nakayama answer: "why didn’t change tengjingshu" hairstyle – Sohu Miho Nakayama Entertainment (information)   Sohu entertainment news (Zhang Ningwen) twenty-ninth Tokyo International Film Festival has been to fourth days. This day, the festival’s official trip to screenings, both 4K repair "Kinji Fukasaku’s resurrection", also has fine Tian Shou "summer war", and the main competition finalists of "Snow". It is worth mentioning that the Japan Now unit on Shunji Iwai’s classic love movie "love letter", while Shunji Iwai and actress Miho Nakayama who came to the scene, and then shoot behind the media to share their stories. Shunji Iwai came to power on some emotion: "this film has been finished for 20 years or 21 years, it is a little strange, today, because we are together with the film." "Love letter", Miho Nakayama still in the snow up a poster, become a classic lens, recently a number of finalists Nominated Golden Horse Award "in July and she", directed by Derek Tsang in the film to Ma Sichun at the same angle shot a shot, pay tribute to the "love letter". Talk about the film in the snow, Shunji Iwai share, he is almost at the end of winter, you want to shoot a movie like that, when the shooting has actually been in the snow, want to come now, thanks to the snow, just finished shooting. Miho Nakayama in the "love letter", who played horns, but different from the general in the movie, Miho Nakayama did not use makeup to distinguish other on two characters, two of every empty dialogue actress hair, just the style of dress is different, but the audience through Miho Nakayama’s performance is very easy we will distinguish two roles. About how to shape the role of two different characters in the show, Miho Nakayama said she was a little confused at the beginning, also asked the director if you can change a hairstyle, but Shunji Iwai said no. Start after the shooting, Shunji Iwai instructed her to play, two different people, to distinguish the appearance is not the most important, the key is in performance, by the feelings of different, and a different style of performance, the audience can feel two different people. Under the direction of the director, she found the correct way of acting. "Love letter" in the end, Miho Nakayama saw Takashi Kashiwabara left her behind her sketch book, library card, movie here came to an abrupt end. As a performer, when she saw the picture, Miho Nakayama said that it was the first time and the only time she had seen the picture. It was a wonderful feeling, especially the painting itself, which was painted by Shunji Iwai. The movie about Miho Nakayama and Takashi Kashiwabara who first love who, Miho Nakayama did not answer, just said, she saw the picture feel another tengjingshu the intentions of mr.. To the last part of the media to take pictures, a Japanese media first punch Miho Nakayama shouted a look here, followed by the film’s classic lines to ask: "how are you?" Miho Nakayama tengjingshu replied: "I am very good." Drew the scene of applause and cheers.   相关的主题文章: