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Men steal the car keys to steal the car to provide clues to the public suspects arrested ddrtys

Posted on November 19, 2017 by hanson

The man stole the car keys burglary, steal the car people to provide clues to the suspects were arrested on September 15th – 6 days of life at 0:50 PM, near Harbin Daoli District Land Street No. 87, a man burglary found a Honda car keys, home will be parked in front of the Honda accord car go. 14 am, enthusiastic people on the road found stolen Honda car immediately alarm, police arrived, the suspect control of the two. According to Honda car owners Mr. Wang said, this car is a unit, the evening of 5 parked in front of the gate of the field street. 6 morning, the unit found that the car was gone, the car keys in the office is also lost. Look carefully, find the rear window office was open, so the alarm. Mr. Wang said, after the loss of the vehicle has been no news, but 13 in the evening, he received a police call, said the Honda car in the Garden Street and a taxi with scratch, there were 4 people in the car, like drinking, driving after the accident fled the scene. Wang immediately released the car lost information, 14, 10 am, an enthusiastic public to call Mr. Wang, said in the vicinity of Huaihe East Road, saw the stolen car near. There are two people in the car, but the car seems to be broken, they can not start." Knowing this, Mr. Wang immediately called the police. At 10:10 PM, in Huaihe Road near the handling of the Criminal Investigation Brigade Sun Guangyi outside the two when he heard the news rushed to the scene and found the stolen Honda car parked on the roadside, two suspects in the car not far from the place, so two people control. Currently, the case is under further investigation.相关的主题文章: