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Man killed in a car accident was sentenced to the full responsibility of the family dissatisfaction www49vv.com

Posted on November 16, 2017 by hanson

Overtaking man killed in a car accident sentenced full responsibility for family dissatisfaction make much noise, the traffic police team pulling banners, burning firecrackers, passing vehicles to stop illegal…… October 21st afternoon, Zhoushan City Public Security Bureau to dispose of the illegal acts together to disrupt unit order and impede the normal running of the vehicle, the scene and arrested 4 suspects Xu Mouli. On the same day at 2 pm, Xu Mouli carrying banners, Xiaoyi, paper money and other items, called Xu Moufang, Xu Mouzhen, Yao and other 20 relatives drove to the Metro Police Brigade door, all is crying and burning firecrackers. City Traffic Police Brigade police repeatedly to persuade each other, not only did not listen, but all the more, the city traffic police brigade to normal office. Subsequently, Xu Mouli, Xu Moufang Xu Mouzhen who is pulling a banner to Haitian Avenue, stop illegal vehicles, resulting in road congestion, almost paralyzed. Metro Police Station rushed to the scene after the police, Xu Mouli, Xu Moufang, and so on, such as a call to inquire, such as Yao, etc.. After understanding, September 23rd, Xu Mouli father Xu electric car ride in Metro bridge beyond the front to others with electric vehicles, two vehicles collided, Xu injured died after treatment. Metro Traffic Police Brigade after careful and comprehensive investigation, according to the law found that Xu took full responsibility for the accident. In this regard, expressed dissatisfaction with the families of the deceased, according to Xu Mouli, who confessed that they want to through the mob, the police blocked the road to the pressure again on the accident responsibility identification, so as to the other claims. "If there is any objection to the conclusion of the accident liability, it may, in accordance with the law, apply to the public security organ at the next higher level for reconsideration or bring a lawsuit to the people’s court. The mob to disturb social order to bear legal responsibility." Police investigators, Mouli Xu, Xu Moufang, Xu Mouzhen three people, due to illegal acts disrupting the order of the unit and impede the normal operation of the means of transport, with was sentenced to administrative detention for 15 days; Yao for disturbing the order of the unit, was sentenced to 7 days of administrative detention punishment.相关的主题文章: