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Ma Su debut for love and run youth activities lit lit run – Sohu Entertainment www.8008205555

Posted on November 19, 2017 by hanson

Ma Su appeared to love and run "youthful light run Sohu Sohu Ma Su entertainment entertainment news November 12th, President of fashion group somans Wyatt laps held together the" run "for the love event in Beijing ziyushanzhuang. President of fashion group somans, the famous actor Ma Su, Zhang Lanxin, Li Ai attended, many loyal users of Wyatt laps to come back. Ma Su dressed in white Wyatt laps T collocation high ponytail, youthful. She said at the scene, he and she met for many years, every time to see her are energetic appearance, so that people around them are also infected. Ma Su led all the running somans new book, Ma Su also said he was very excited, "before I love her for" JuanShou language bazaar "written by the one hand her new book, I could not wait to look up," which isn’t as important as you leave much time for their own pleasure, but you can take much time "let me be happy by feeling. I sincerely wish somans sister book sold." Talking about his recent work, Ma Su said he recently compared the film edge, two film will be in December to meet with the audience, were in December 2nd, "28 year old minors" and "the ferryman" in December 23rd, he also recently prepared filming new movie works. Talking about whether the film ready to tackle the problem, Ma Su said he is a tumbler, where there are good works to see which. Ma Su and guests posed in the running part, accompanied by live music rhythm, fitness coach, take you to complete before running after the warm-up, the leader somans officially opened the 3 km health run "love" tour, interaction between Ma Su and friends will run the site activities at the scene of the atmosphere to a climax.相关的主题文章: