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Let Anji into the entertainment industry in the future Sha Yi you didn’t plan www.34aaa.com

Posted on November 16, 2017 by hanson

Let Anji into the entertainment industry in the future? Sha Yi: you didn’t plan Sha Yi Anji Shenzhen evening news (reporter Jiang Shuangchao) should is a "tube strict", also said "the son was scared of me", but the truth is he was the son of various Tucao, even "beat" – yes, "Pirates of St. Sha Yi" [micro-blog] is such an atypical father. The mango TV hit "daddy go 4", he is the son of Anji "abandon", but yesterday, Sha Yi told reporters late deep interview with WeChat has said that his son "in importance in mind has been improved, and the son of" no big small "just because of them as" a a equality of adults". When you and Hu He [micro-blog] are young parents, what is the difference between a parent and a child? Sha Yi: the biggest difference is that we can communicate with the kids, take them as adults, to narrow the distance between us, let him feel that he is a person independent, our generation gap may be more serious, is in their deep memory when they are in Lao Tzu, we are the children. Deep night: before Anji said that the home is the ranking of the younger brother, mother, grandmother, you, now you have a change in the status of the home? Sha Yi: should be ranked fourth, but I think the meaning of these fourth bits and the start is not the same, I first in his heart is in the last row, but now may I have improved importance in his heart, but I believe that will never change, because the four person is he I love the people. Deep night: after the father’s role, you want to set up? What’s the difference in life? Sha Yi: I think my father is a life to appreciate the role, because the children in different ages, your feelings are different, the child on his father’s appeal is different, I think first of all, regardless of shape, the most important is to do a good job of qualified father of life, the most important. Deep night: do you hear Anji called "Sha Zhong Ji"? How do you feel about this? Sha Yi: no idea what, initially feel very accidental, why Anji will look like a Korean actor, later saw them both photos that may be laughing eyes curved, and very pure and lovely, I think good things are similar, I feel very good, everyone said he at least is handsome, I also very happy. Deep night: want to let his son into entertainment? Sha Yi: let it be, he is too small, not giving him so far planning. (commissioning editor: Allen)相关的主题文章: