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Lanzhou University is to occupy hundreds of students to push quota free Graduate School Education – 97179

Posted on November 16, 2017 by hanson

Lanzhou University is to occupy hundreds of students to push quota free Graduate School Education – Sohu Beijing News (reporter Zhou Jiaqi Zhao Lei) recently, a number of Lanzhou University to apply for the school push quota free of the students said, in the 900 year education push quota free distribution in schools to "Innovative Talents Project" Academician excellent teacher training "" push free counselor "name, occupation of hundreds of ordinary push quota free, student applicants require students in disguise. The students said a Lanzhou University research school was forced to get four students innovative talents recommended exemption graduate "places said," School Innovative Talents Project "is not more than 60 places. He said that before filling in the application of innovative talent quota, the teacher asked the teacher to accept the teacher must be a teacher. Therefore, I would like to apply for some places to prepare students outside the insurance, had to give up this opportunity. "School related documents, the 60 places belonging to 900 ordinary places of education allocated down, according to the relevant regulations, the competition to push quota free students enjoy, choose to apply for school enrollment and professional rights, why requirements to apply for the school?" The students questioned. Another project to obtain the push free girls also said that although not force students to go to graduate school at home, but the teacher instructed to mobilize students, catch the push free interview in other schools to participate in the interview before the push free school, "if successful interview, urged you 24 hours to make a decision, even if not agree give up". It is understood that the College of management in security research push free talk openly mentioned, where students must apply for the exemption of innovative talents project, otherwise not to submit application materials. "Of outstanding teachers training" and "push free counselor" two, is directly to the students of special projects. 3 projects of common push quota free of the University College of pastoral agriculture science and technology in 2017 published on the official website of the push from the work mentioned on the "project" training of outstanding teachers personnel quota of 8, where the number of push avoidance, "I must apply the title of teacher college". In addition, the school also singled out 15 places, the selection of outstanding undergraduate students to retain the qualifications of graduate students for three years, to enrich the instructor team. Many college students confirmed that this project has existed for many years, through the push free counselors "school graduates every year. Reporters found that access to information, "Lanzhou University recommend outstanding college graduates exemption graduate management measures" Notice of attachment said, in addition to the ordinary school places allocated to school, also set up a "creative talents" of outstanding teachers training "and" push free instructor "three projects to push quota free, were not exceeding 60 people, 120 people and 15 people. According to the "Lanzhou University 2017 recommended exemption for a master’s degree of health through the quota allocation table", the three free program places are included in the part of the school education to send 900 ordinary push free places. The Ministry of education and the "2017 National Graduate Enrollment Management Regulations" (Teaching No. [2016]9) the fourth chapter seventeenth.相关的主题文章: