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Is it true or false Van Gogh a sketch book caused by the big controversy of the www.678rt.com

Posted on November 19, 2017 by hanson

This is the true or false sketch controversial Van Gogh Van Gogh a sketch book by Van Gogh is believed to have been genuine publishing a book, book cover map source: artron.net Seoul Author: Zhang Tianyu compiled in November 15th, University of Toronto professor Bogomila Welsh-Ovcharov held a special press conference, said the discovery of a the Van Gogh 1888 visit to Provence sketchbook, which contains 65 pieces of Van Gogh’s original sketch. The Van Gogh scholar Ronald Pickvance also believes that the sketch book is indeed a genuine Van Gogh and said, "this is Van Gogh lifetime work, the most important discovery of revolutionary." But at the start of the conference minutes, Van Gogh as the most important research institutions in the world, Amsterdam is located in the Van Gogh museum said in a statement this batch of sketches is definitely not a genuine Van Gogh, but a copy. Welsh-Ovcharov, who has planned a number of important Van Gogh shows, insists on his own ideas. She said that in 2013, the sketch book in existence, see the first page of it when I was shocked — that’s the picture of the sketch of a tree. "There are so many moments in my life that make you so surprised that you yell ‘OMG’, and I was shocked when I saw these sketches." Nevertheless, the sketch book circulation there are still some vague. It is the master is an unidentified man, and said 50 years ago from the hands of the mother got the sketch book, and she is Van Gogh’s paintings without the concept, for her, this is a very beautiful sketch book". This painting is how to get the book for the mother, the collector explained that during the Second World War, Arles and the surrounding areas of shelling, the picture book and a handwritten log for its mother by accident. After the destruction of the city, the mother of the archive together with a large sketch book and some handwritten logs in a small room. Because she didn’t know anything about art and art education, she didn’t know how important it was. When I was 20 years old, my mother gave me the sketch book as a gift, and I was kept in the closet." The original collectors intends to keep, but a friend suggested that she will take these sketches to the local art historian Franck Baille. Later, the experts invited their friends, that is, University of Toronto professor Welsh-Ovcharov to view this sketch. The opposition to the Van Gogh museum is very firm attitude. They said this thing has been concerned for a long time, and you have seen 56 high-definition picture sketch book, after the study of digital expert and curator, we all feel that this is not Van Gogh himself sketch painting. The Van Gogh Museum has current collection of Van Gogh’s 500 and 4 of the original sketch sketch book, in the comparative study, from the painting style and skill, iconography and many other angles.相关的主题文章: