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Invasion treasure ear road foreign bodies, can not dig out – Sohu maternal and child-didadi

Posted on April 20, 2018 by hanson

"Invasion" treasure ear canal foreign body, can not casually dig – Sohu mother treasure ear foreign body casually dig? This is the treasure not harm earwax ah, dear Baba mama, foreign bodies, listening is the "invasion" treasure ear tone is generally small objects (beads, small toys), food (peanuts, melon seeds, beans), insects etc.. The invaders must be driven out of their ears. Worms — the medical agent (peppermint oil, vitamin AD etc.) or edible oil, 1~2 drops into the ear canal, oil? Well, can you walk fast if you step on the oil? Crawling insects, will also slow down, slow, treasure ear pain. It is not is not so strong? I got a little time to go to hospital. The beads round foreign body — to forget personally out of mind, light, tools, techniques and other factors, are likely to be counterproductive, but will go deeper foreign body…… There is no time to go to the hospital. Deformation, expansion, such as the objects may be nuts, cassia seed, determined to kill it bubble expansion signs, how to kill? Drops of alcohol into the ear canal. Alcohol? Well, you can let the nuts dehydration, dehydration, foreign body does not become smaller, it is possible to find the right opportunity to take out. Of course, there are still some Baba Ma Ma, did not find the treasure of the ear canal or a foreign body taking improper, but let the treasure of external auditory canal infection (pain, pus, water), was rushed to the hospital, the first anti-inflammatory treatment under the guidance of a doctor, such as control of ear infections, so removal of foreign body the technical content of things, or to give the doctor. Xiao Nan especially afraid of, is to see Baba treasure foreign body into the ear canal, so he dug by hand, you know, the canal is curved, difficult to get out easily, try to use hand, often will only allow the entry of foreign matter deeper, but is likely to cause inflammation or damage to the tympanic membrane. It is not the treasure to clean it, otherwise it will affect the hearing? The ear thing always has a reason for its existence, it does not affect the hearing a little dust, insects, and adhesion of foreign substances Oh, properly protect the small canal skin expert. Can say treasure ear itch ah, do not too much earwax? Fungal infection. Think about it, there is often not clean hands to dig out the ears of treasure? Remember, the importance of hand washing! But even if clean earwax, should also follow the "lazy rule", once a month is enough, but only, which have grown so fast? A small amount of the left ear protection. Of course, within 1 years of the treasure can not cut the ears, many small their earwax might fall out oh. Hey, are waiting to hear the preventive measures? Sure enough. The love canal foreign it, looking for preschool treasure, Baba mama don’t want not to mind taking the trouble to tell treasure, small objects into the ear. Better to control from the source.相关的主题文章: