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Intelligent lead intelligence change traditional home appliance industry gathering and transf-www.555kfc.com

Posted on April 18, 2018 by hanson

Intelligent leading intellectual change   transformation of new power – home appliance — people.com.cn original title of the traditional home appliance industry agglomeration: intelligent leading intellectual change the traditional home appliance industry cluster transformation and new impetus to face macro downtown pressure on the economy, countermeasures of home appliance industry is from the "smart" of users, the market and enterprise’s overall upgrade. New technologies emerge in an endless stream, increasing demand for new, traditional industries can be described as the right time. On the supply side structural reforms under the guidance of the home appliance industry, the most direct way to practice, reflected in the product more intelligent, machine substitutions to replace labor intensive manufacturing, explore the service mode innovation in digital drive. Implementation of the supply side of the reform of the smart home appliance industry to bring new momentum is a major advantage is closest to the needs of users, in order to meet the new demand, the appliance industry quickly opened a self innovation. In recent years, excess capacity and low end of the structure has become an urgent need to solve the problem of home appliance industry. Some experts said that the current lack of effective supply of the home appliance market, from the production side to strengthen quality supply, reduce invalid supply, improve the supply structure of adaptability and flexibility, can not only make the supply system better adapt to changes in demand, also in line with the transformation now large household electrical appliance enterprises are implementing the strategy of upgrading. From 2013 to start the intelligent transformation of Changhong, smart has become the old home appliance companies DNA. There are more than and 30 white giant electric smart home appliances category, covering virtually all of the electrical equipment in addition to black. Haier recently launched the industry’s first intelligent home appliances Festival, the whole set of smart home appliances as the cornerstone of the popularity of smart home appliances battle. In April this year, Tmall released the GFK Electric City report shows that in the past three years, the turnover of smart appliances compound annual growth rate of nearly 300%, 2015 online sales of smart appliances scale is about 38 times that of 2012. This means that the smart home is no longer a concept, direction and trend, but real consumer demand and business opportunities. The first half of the domestic listed household electrical appliance enterprises in the first half of 2016 report also confirms the above views. The companies are emphasized in the report, the product structure optimization and upgrading of their achievements to make a contribution. This is also reflected in the home appliance industry to promote the supply side structural reforms bear fruit. From manufacturing to made "lead the integration of digital home appliance industry, big data and other emerging technologies of intelligent manufacturing, is the future of home appliance industry and manufacturing industry. "2025" and "Chinese manufacturing Internet plus" in the home appliance industry first floor, home appliance giant is promoting the upgrading from manufacturing to made ". In April 30th this year, Changhong in the smart integration of manufacturing research and development, production and marketing of the whole industry chain of resources and capabilities, the establishment of the Sichuan Changhong [-1.78% funding research report] Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Co. Ltd., Changhong intelligent transformation has taken a solid step. From the beginning of 2011, the United States will actively promote intelligent manufacturing, and in the industry for the first time, the dual intellectual strategy". If the United States is the key word of wisdom is intelligent, Haier keyword is interconnected". Haier Internet factory is the largest feature can be achieved on a large scale相关的主题文章: