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In the WeChat group Changning director Gao Ning published article your bureau ricky lee neely

Posted on November 16, 2017 by hanson

In the WeChat group published the board of directors of Changning Gao Ning article: your "bureau" source: what the group is "bureau"? Bureau is similar to the system thinking, but more dynamic, more design, more fresh. So, each individual in the workplace, how to know the bureau? And how to break the "bureau"? Today, small share he chairman articles and everyone, enhance the "bureau" the thinking of rapid growth.     your "bureau" Chinese has many Chinese characters which one word that can represent the whole world, and this character and leadership is concerned, this is the word "bureau", "bureau" composed of many words, what this word? What does this word mean? What kind of leadership methods? "Bureau" can form a situation and limitations, and the local council (outside), cramped, situation, Bureau; game, dinner, scam, layout, pattern, global, opening, ending, doing Bureau, breaking the deadlock, and the political situation, gambling, war, crisis, mess, change, Construction Bureau, the victory and defeat, so some of the words. The world is made up of large and small, different forms and contents of various "Bureau". What is the "?" bureau "in the Chinese mind represents a combination of multiple elements, through the design, one of the working methods and thinking attitude; it is a multi element interaction exists in the form of a kind of social activity, which is a kind of things. The system of. For example, dinner must have relationship with things, some people have a purpose, organization, participants, there must be a design, how to please, please who, who answered, who sent, send what, this is a kind of activities in order to achieve a certain goal. From the beginning of the modern China, Chinese all action basically is forced by the situation after, whether it is the revolution of 1911, 1898, anti Japanese War, or the reform and opening up. Each time we make a mistake because we make a mistake about the situation, and we don’t know what’s going on. Small things happening in the world now, when you observe the progress, situation and when involves many factors, will find it is a reciprocal causation and interaction were systematically combing, design and maintenance of the situation. There are many examples of the bureau. Such as the 2008 financial crisis, the subprime crisis, the scale and scope of it and the impact of ideology education in Europe, because he is the basic nature of the company, is a company with the Bureau "". You have no money to lend you money, I have no money to lend you decoration, I do not have the car to lend you money, why? Because this is a "board", the company will lend money, they will be a package of these subprime loans sold to others, while the loan rating is also good conditions, these loans will continue to cycle. But the bureau can not do the last to become a problem. "Bureau" itself is a multi factor, multi system interaction, this observation and understanding of the "bureau" approach is very important for leadership. In China, the three essential elements of success: the first is where the Chinese people will say, the second is where the yuan can be exchanged, the third is where the Chinese can go. Up to now;相关的主题文章: