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Husband and wife before the couple sold a couple of joint housing intermediary bear joint and severa www.haole15.com

Posted on November 19, 2017 by hanson

Men’s divorce before selling stolen matrimonial housing intermediary bear joint liability has signed the purchase agreement and pay the full amount of the house did not transfer, an investigation found, was the agreement signed in Ding Jian (a pseudonym) his wife, unaware of the situation, the agreement signed soon after the seller Ding Jian the divorce with his wife, intends to sell the house to all. Angry buyers Mr. Han and his wife and Ding Jian will be sued on the court. Ultimately, the Changshu court lifted Mr. Han and Ding Jian and intermediary signed "housing transfer agreement"; by Ding Jian returned Mr. Han for 638200 yuan to pay the purchase, and to pay the judgment date until the date of actual performance according to bank lending rates over the same period of interest; the purchase price of 400 thousand Yuan should be returned to the intermediary Ding Jian said the debt of bear joint liability. Signed in April and paid in full by the end of the year still can not transfer in April 22, 2014, Ding Jian and Mr. Han signed the "housing transfer agreement", agreed Ding Jian (Party A) will be located in Xinzhuang Town Changshou City District Housing transfer to Mr. Han (Party B), the transfer price of 634900 yuan. In the agreement, the parties agree that Party A shall deliver the premises to Party B within 10 days from the date of entry into force of the contract, and transfer the formalities within 10 working days after delivery. Intermediary intermediary stamped with the name of the person in the agreement inscribed "intermediary". After that, Mr. Han paid through the intermediary and the purchase of 3300 yuan of property charges. But until the end of 2014, Ding Jian still failed to deliver the housing and transfer procedures. Mr. Han consciously cheated, then to the courts, called for the lifting of the agreement and asked Ding Jian and his wife Wang Hui (a pseudonym), an intermediary bank interest over the same period of three co defendants to return their purchase and pay 638200 yuan since the termination of the agreement to the date of actual book purchase loans during the return of all. The real female owner said to her divorce from the beginning not informed while Ding Jian argued that he will sell housing matters entrusted to an intermediary for contact with Mr. Han, no, Mr. Han should be directly to the intermediary claim the payment; and he and Wang Hui has been divorced in November 19, 2014, the house owned by Wang Hui, with all debts be responsible for housing related Wang hui. The agency denies Ding Jian’s statement, said that although Ding Jian and signed by the procedures, but Ding Jian is involved in the sale of housing contract, which has managed to avoid the wife of Wang Hui himself in order to apply for housing transfer procedures; the security of transactions, not the purchase of about 400000 yuan to Ding Jian, is willing to take these money back to the plaintiff. This is Ding Jian’s ex-wife Wang Hui is a rather baffling, he did not participate in the sale of housing, have not received any money, the court rejected the plaintiff’s request for litigation request, also said do not agree with the transfer of the house involved. To terminate the agreement purchase return and interest intermediary jointly and severally liable to the court held that the defendant Wang Hui is not the "housing transfer agreement" of the transferor, the true meaning of the agreement is not expressed and involved; Ding Jian and Wang Hui houses belonging to the common property, Ding Jian as co owner of one of the sanctions involved housing without housing co owner Wang Hui’s consent, does not comply with the relevant laws and regulations; moreover, after the signing of this agreement,.相关的主题文章: