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Hubei three new tourism ticket prices have been hearing www.ncss.org.cn

Posted on November 16, 2017 by hanson

Hubei three new tourism project ticket prices have been hearing this newspaper (reporter correspondent Shen Jia correspondent) 5A scenic spots of the two countries to add three new tourism projects, the ticket price is formulated for each time of 47 yuan -123 yuan. The day before yesterday and yesterday, the Hubei Provincial Price Bureau even opened two hearings hearings ticket prices, the majority of participants in the hearing that the price is more reasonable. The day before the hearing of the two tourism projects in Badong is located in the new scenic spots shennongxi, shennongxi River, scenic corridor respectively trackers culture "wooden tow" and "rubber boats drifting, drifting length was 4.8 km and 7.1 km. Price department approved the former cost of 92.25 yuan, the latter cost of $111.49, and thus the development of the ticket price cap was $102 per person and $123. Hearing yesterday is the Enshi Grand Canyon Scenic Spot added "Yunlong seam" attractions of the ticket price, 47 yuan to be passengers. Scenic areas within the 4 transportation projects prices are also hearing, sightseeing escalator, vertical sightseeing elevator, ropeway and turn the car to develop the price of 30 yuan per person, respectively, $30, $104 and $30.相关的主题文章: