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How to drive tens of millions of people out of poverty rainism

Posted on November 16, 2017 by hanson

Tourism how to drive tens of millions of people out of poverty poverty alleviation has a unique advantage, low threshold, less investment, employment capacity, fast. The tourism industry have a brilliant future in poverty alleviation, is expected to 2020, the national tourism will bring about 12 million people out of poverty, poverty accounted for about 17% of the population. In the first place, the author put forward the tourism poverty alleviation in 1980s. In some parts of our country, we have done a lot of useful exploration in the field of tourism poverty alleviation, and achieved remarkable results. Let the poor people on the one hand to increase income, achieve poverty; on the other hand also makes many in poor areas in high quality scenic areas have been developed to enrich our country’s tourism product market. It should be pointed out that tourism poverty alleviation can not be simply equated with the development of tourism projects in less developed areas". Tourism development only, can not reach the goal of poverty alleviation, tourism must be based on the poor benefit, face the contradiction between poverty alleviation and development of tourism, set up some indexes, the poverty alleviation action into the system of tourism development. First of all, the goal and object of tourism poverty alleviation. In the real sense, "tourism helps the poor" is the core goal of eliminating the poverty of the vulnerable groups. There are two important concepts in the tourism Poverty Alleviation: "the population in the poor area" or the more clearly defined "poor people in poor areas". Of course, the beneficiaries of tourism can not be confined to the poor, but must set some more precise and clear indicators, such as poor effective participation in tourism development; directly benefit the poor; benefit the population proportion of the population in poverty; tourism to create employment opportunities in the poor population proportion. Avoid the use of tourism income, tourism to create employment opportunities and other general data, resulting in the development of tourism and poverty. Secondly, according to local conditions to implement tourism poverty alleviation projects. Many of China’s poverty-stricken area traffic is very inconvenient, poor ecological environment, backward education, not have the basic conditions for tourism, tourism is the main area of poverty alleviation has a certain basis for the development of tourism in underdeveloped areas. Similarly, not all poor areas with rich tourism resources are suitable for the development of tourism. The operation of tourism poverty alleviation than "poverty alleviation" is much more complicated in some areas, see good, neighboring counties tourism development effect of head, blind investment, the development of the tourist attractions desolate, scanty. The tourism industry has its unique operation rules, tourism must act according to the inherent law of the development of the tourism industry of scientific planning, careful planning, avoid the government of "clap decision" and "one hand, all arranged". Thirdly, pay attention to the coordinated development of other industries, play a "diffusion effect"". The leading role of tourism in other industries is the advantage of tourism poverty alleviation. Single on tourism, to absorb limited poverty, if we can take the tourism industry as the guide, pay attention to establish the linkage mechanism between the first and the two or three industry and tourism market, agriculture, forestry and animal husbandry, the deputy and local enterprises into the joint development of the tourism industry, tourism can realize the "diffusion effect", so as to achieve more the benefits of poverty alleviation. Finally, we should establish and improve the tourism poverty alleviation mechanism. Ought to be相关的主题文章: