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Holiday to these places to play close to home without spending money – Henan branch network – People chompoo araya

Posted on November 17, 2017 by hanson

The holiday to go to these places to play close to home not to spend money — Henan branch network — people.com.cn original title: holiday to go to these places to play close to home is not money reporter Zhang Jie National Day seven day holiday, many people will choose to travel to play, stay in the local people, how can a city district play comfortable comfortable? Dahe reporter visited the scenic spots within the urban area, sort out the following do not have to spend money and fun place to go, nothing, might as well take the family to play it? Attractions: Zhou Shan mountain Forest Park is located in the southwest side of Luoyang, about 216 meters above sea level. In the vicinity of Luoyang mountain Zhou Ling Wang Metella, Zhou Dai called him a mountain, so called Zhou shan. Address: Luoyang high tech Industrial Development Zone of Longmen mountain attractions: Forest Park is located 13 kilometers south of Henan city in Luoyang province Yi River East, xishan. Not far from here, spring water and hot springs near the prestigious. Address: Henan Province, the southern suburbs of Luoyang city attractions: shangqinggong Forest Park as a brick temple courtyard, compact and quiet. Luoyang city is located in the northwest corner of the old city 4 kilometers. It is the place for Lao alchemy, China’s first "Taoism Palace" name the name of view. Is located in Luoyang Mangshan Cui Yunfeng, the commanding height of Beijiao. The mountain is not high but the steep terrain, the mountains green trees if the cloud, a wild profusion of vegetation, "said Cui yunfeng". Address: Luoyang City Mangshan Cui Yunfeng attractions: Luoyang city in Sui and Tang Dynasties Relics Park Sui and Tang Luoyang city was built in the Sui Dynasty, the core area after Sui, Tang and Five Dynasties and the Northern Song Dynasty capital, before and after use for 530 years, was the political, economic, and cultural center of the country. Address: Dingding road and Zhongzhou Road intersection attractions: Wenfeng tower was built in the Song Dynasty, the Ming Dynasty was destroyed in the war, reconstruction. During the Ming and Qing Dynasties near a lake and a temple (now destroyed), tower, Temple Lake, each other, forming a Henan city in a famous cultural landscape. Address: Luoyang city east southeast and East Lane attractions: Luoyang Museum Luoyang museum is the first batch of National Museum, is Chinese local comprehensive museum of history. Luoyang is the only comprehensive museum of history. 40 pieces of cultural relics collection Duowanyu, exhibited more than 1.1 pieces of cultural relics, the collections in the Museum of the forefront. Address: Nie Tai Road and road intersection south Luoyi attractions: Luoyang Museum of ancient art (the original Tomb Museum) the museum is an ancient tombs and tomb murals for large thematic museum content. Address: the old city of Luoyang Airport Road No. 45 attractions: Luoyang Museum Luoyang museum is a plaque the first museum in state-owned collection, display and protection of plaque to plaque mainly in past dynasties. Address: East Street, nine road to the north, close to Luoyang Folk Museum attractions: zhougongmiao Museum (formerly the Luoyang Capital Museum) Zhou Gong temple was built in the Sui Dynasty and early Tang Dynasty, is a memorial to the Duke of Zhou Ji Dan temple. Zhougongmiao also called Yuan Temple, one of the three and 150 descendants of Duke zhougongmiao, surnamed Yu xungenwenzu, ancestor worship of the Holy land. Tang, Ming and Qing Dynasties相关的主题文章: