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Happy Island Golf initiative to create a list of friends to create a circle of friends – Sohu Sports-4000dy

Posted on April 18, 2018 by hanson

Happy island golf for golfers first dynamic list to create personalized sports circle of friends – Sohu       September 20th, sponsored by the Hunan Happy Island Golf limited Pleasure Island – 2016 Chinese amateur golf qualifying 100 – North China launched Invitational will be held in the sports fitness club of Beijing longxi. Happy Island based on China’s amateur golf tournament, and strive to create a new brand of golf rankings, the establishment of eco friendly interactive sphere. What is the happy island – 2016 China Amateur Golf 100 list qualifying dynamic charts? All participants will be record APP platform, you can view their rankings; with the increase of the number of events screenings and players, players score ranking will also refresh the instant. During the qualifying period, players can participate in the same stadium many times, repeatedly submitted scores, the system will be based on his best results in the field two rankings. After the end of the North China City qualifying tournament, the tournament will be held in the top 120 players in the tournament is eligible to enter the trial, for the joy of the island and the promotion of the fund to qualify for the regional quota. Players according to the dynamic ranking, you can query their own ranking in the tournament, the city rankings, regional rankings and national rankings. In the Chinese amateur golf tournament, this system belongs to the new model. Happy Island Golf APP platform released "China amateur golf dynamic list", will greatly enhance the golf lovers on their own level of play, and continue to enhance their skills and power, promote the interaction between the friends of the ball, the pursuit of quality golf lovers to build individual circle of friends. In the happy island – 2016 China 100 – Hunan amateur golf qualifying race Mr Li is a senior golf enthusiasts, usually the biggest hobby is casual about 35 friends to play golf. He said many of his friends, including him, have been eager to have such a platform, which can not only enjoy the challenge of golf brought honor, but also enjoy the excitement of dynamic scoring rankings. This will allow amateur players to pay more attention to each shot of the game, devoted to the game. They heard a new format of dynamic charts happy island 2016 Chinese amateur golf, immediately decided to visit entries. During the game, players have attached great importance to the game score ranking, so they play the highest level, to enjoy a fully and delightfully Golf brought相关的主题文章: