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Guangzhou jade carving master show a unique moon cake on the value of the yuan www.haole55.com

Posted on November 17, 2017 by hanson

Guangzhou jade carving master show a unique value on the moon cake to show reporters Kardong million jade moon cake. Jade moon cake crystal clear, looks delicious attractive". The traditional jade carving master Lu unique million yuan a fake jade moon cakes to a value, the selling price on the yuan? It’s not a legend, it’s real! The Mid Autumn Festival approaching, jade carving master Kardong party and a fire, he made the moon jade crystal, coveted by the Zhongshan University, more intangible cultural heritage research center collection. The Mid Autumn Festival on the eve of a "Guangzhou uncle made ‘fake moon cake’ selling tens of thousands of" the news circulated, let Guangzhou traditional jade carving master Kardong party and a fire, he used jade carving cakes for 6 years, engaged in jade carving is more than 20 years, this year, he created the "seven star moon cakes" jade it is the collection of Zhongshan University China intangible cultural heritage research center. 1992, Party has to take the bus, Kardong ship, spent two days time, from Fuzhou to Guangzhou. In his hometown, he followed the teacher to do repair work in the temple, came to Guangzhou is forced by life. I didn’t expect to take root. Fang Kardong was born in rural Fujian, he recalled when the Mid Autumn Festival, the moon cake is really extremely rare. Years later, he looked at his friend’s house, a house moon cake can not eat. 2010 Mid Autumn Festival, Kardong party to a friend’s home, friends said he had more than and 70 boxes of moon cakes, also do not know how to deal with expired. At that time, the party Kardong on the initiation of making "not expired moon cake" idea. A card tried to use Jinsha stone carving "moon cakes", the reporter saw, the stone is almost opaque, dull color, it is really like the moon. But because of this stone value is low, even the product of a moon cake selling price is about 200 yuan, a guest to Kardong why not better feedback to the color of jade, more beautiful, more clear, is not in vain by hand. Then, three years ago, we try to use Kardong gold jade and chalcedony carving to "moon cakes", "moon cakes" made smooth and moist, exquisitely carved, is more popular on the market. In the opinion of Party Kardong, making jade moon cake, the most difficult is the choice of materials, color pure, can not have cracks. Before the Mid Autumn Festival this year, Fang Kardong purchased 9 tons of jade carving more, choose the suitable raw materials from the moon cake, produced a total of more than 70 cakes. The price of a conventional jade moon cake the size of up to 8000~10000 yuan, if it is a box set of works 8 cakes and even to sell 12~15 million yuan. So far, he sold four sets of jade moon cake, most of the players are fond of jade collection. Compared with the first few years, more people recognized. Moon cake Daren: homemade thousands of traditional moon cake to send friends this year, Mid Autumn Festival, moon cake DIY become one of the hottest keywords, a moon cake on the self-made thousands of moon cake to friends. On the eve of the Mid Autumn Festival this year, Xiao Meiyan was unemployed, made thousands of moon cake in half the time, for friends to taste. Delicious moon cake and no preservatives, a friend or even let her do electricity supplier sales. In the Xiao Meiyan home, she skillfully to reporters show the egg yolk lotus handmade moon cake production of the whole process, "the cost of a moon cake in more than 4 yuan, one"相关的主题文章: