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Grandfather did not give his granddaughter to buy a ticket to the good man to give money to the grou plants war

Posted on November 16, 2017 by hanson

Don’t give Grandpa granddaughter buy tickets also well intentioned people give money to the 14:54 of Hangzhou, Mr. Wang calls: today at about 12:50, 82 bus in Ning Xiang up a 65 year old Grandpa, with a 10 year old granddaughter. As soon as I got on the bus, Grandpa called the child back. Driver reminded the three time, the child needs to buy tickets. The old man not only did not listen, but also cried: do not buy a ticket, the car can not measure the height of the foot." In fact, the child has been more than 1 meters tall, and the number of passengers on the car to blame him for the quality of the 2. Finally, sitting in the back of the aunt handed two dollars money to the children, let the children pay. Grandfather not only did not realize the mistake, but took the money in the hands of the child, thrown to the ground. This kind aunt doesn’t know each other. Aunt said, her surname zhou. Later, the old man and the child in the communications market stood down the car, I also picked up two dollars back to aunt zhou. The number of the car is 9514, and the driver is a woman. I communicate with the driver, the driver is very polite, said the general situation, it will not deliberately let the child buy a ticket, but the child more than 1 meters 2 too obvious, so it will remind. I think this thing Grandpa fare evasion of small things, but that on children’s education and influence is not good.相关的主题文章: