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German police arrested 1 Syria refugees who had plotted a bomb attack-pigeon blood

Posted on April 16, 2018 by hanson

German police arrested 1 refugees in Syria had planned the bomb attack original title: German police arrested a refugee in Syria it was planning the implementation of bomb attacks in October 10, according to foreign media reported that 10 German police say they have arrested a man trying to bomb the Syria refugees in planning Abel? Abak (Jaber al Bakr). In February 18th last year, Abak to enter the country as a refugee, two weeks later, the German authorities to obtain asylum permits, and in mid June was identified as refugees. German police received intelligence in October 7th, referring to the German Air Force intends to launch a bomb attack on the airport, so ready to take action against it, but escaped. Police subsequently raided their homes and found hundreds of grams of strong explosives. According to police, the explosives were seized three peroxide of three acetone (TATP). The explosives were used in a number of terrorist attacks in Europe, including a series of bombings in Brussels in March. Later, police arrested 3 other people familiar with aibak. Police said 9, of which two people have been released, the other is still under investigation. Editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章: