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Gansu prosecutors arrested 10.3 suspects killed 12 year old girl – Sohu news-steam_api.dll

Posted on April 16, 2018 by hanson

Gansu prosecutors arrested 10.3 suspects killed 12 year old girl – Sohu news @ Qingyang city of Gansu Province, the county people’s Procuratorate official micro-blog news October 14th, October 3rd, Zhao Cun Xin Zhuang Zhen Xi tou county two group of 12 year old girl lost by a neighbor cruel murder, caused concern throughout the city. In October 14th, the county people’s Procuratorate on suspicion of manslaughter approved the arrest of the suspect Shang Quanming. In October 3, 2016, Xi tou Zhao Cun Xin Zhuang Zhen An county of two groups of 12 year old girl Huang Moumou missing missing mad in the friend’s wife, according to Huang Moumou family confirmed at 13 pm the same day watching TV in the neighborhood is Mingquan, then disappeared. The new police station immediately after the alarm and the villagers organized family look in the surrounding villages and towns, but no results. In October 4th, new police station after collecting Huang Moumou details, issued a notice of investigation in public security network, while organizing the police began investigations. In October 5th 9, the County Public Security Bureau organized the police arrived at the village where the work of Huang Mouhua, Shang Quanming found strange home, whereabouts are not clear, the police immediately decided to find traces of Shang Quanming in secret at the same time, the rapid residential search. 13 pm the same day, the "Red Eagle" in the search is Mingquan bedroom, suddenly warning in front sleeping under the police quickly tuhang, Kang open portal, found the clothes stained with the blood of Huang Guohua. Then, the police brought the dog "Red Eagle" of the house to carry out a full range of search. About an hour later, the "Red Eagle" is the same warning in the ground appears in the kitchens of Mingquan home, the police immediately Bakai paving bricks on the ground, Huang Mouhua found the body. In October 6th 7, more than 40 police task force rushed to the county town of Changqing organization, to lock the rain Ping Zhen He Jia Ping Cun small group a deep groove in the continuous search, more than a dozen hours of searching for work, all the police hunger, overcome the rainy weather brought cold slippery and other difficulties, step step down the encirclement, at 8 pm, the rainfall is smaller, but the dark because the visibility became poor, the search difficult. In this case, the ad hoc group according to the specific details of the Shang Quanming flight, combined with the actual terrain of the raid, after full deliberation, decided to change the Corps Combat Tactics, using diversionary tactics, at large the better to apprehend him, the two groups in the trench search to evacuate, making false, while strengthening the trench on tableland each intersection of police deployment, implementation of the heavily guarded secret ambush. On the night of 9 5, the suspect Shang Quanming finally climbed to the first plateau from the trench, in Xin Zhuang Zhen Xi tou Zhao Cun Po head group at crossroads in the ambush of police successfully arrested. The suspect Shang Quanming after appearing on his killing Huang Guohua confessed to the crime. (originally entitled "county procuratorate arrest 10.3 suspects killed 12 year old girl Shang Quanming")相关的主题文章: