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Frontsword Shuangseqiu during the school prize harvest seven Le lucky prize 5 million – Sohu www.semm.com

Posted on November 19, 2017 by hanson

Frontsword Shuangseqiu during the School Awards first prize 5 million – seven harvest music Sohu in late October 26th, Chinese welfare lottery seven lottery game has 2016126th Ernie, the current issue number: 01, 06, 11, 18, 28, 29, 30  special number 20. Lost due to two consecutive first prize, the seven lottery is awesome out of the first prize value of 1270181 yuan note 6! Shandong and Zhejiang friends won 2 note, Jiangsu and Hubei each took 1 note color friend. Spring color friend following one week before the value of 5 million of the seven gains in one fell swoop super lottery award, the national award once again among the ranks. The 37011212 is located in Lixia District of Ji’nan City provincial Street No. 25 betting station using the optional unitary color friend bet lucky harvest of this period of seven lottery prize.   please note! Optional single! The color of the friends in the 1212 station 2 yuan captured seven lottery prize, this approach is very accurate for small greatly. When we arrived at the station after 1212 weeks, the betting station webmaster has learned station broke the seven lottery gold news, this excitement shows between the lines. According to Zhou webmaster introduction: because the 1212 station is located in Ji’nan city center, East Street, west of the provincial capital, South Quancheng Road, north of Daming Lake, often to the lottery are mostly old Jinan, grew up in the old spring water fountain, sometimes to tourists to city tourism. The 1212 station set in one of the aura springs often give the faithful color no small surprise. This time the seven Le color gold to make the 1212 stand in the old city of Ji’nan and a fire, a lot of old color friends have come to congratulate the owners, there are a lot of foreign tourists here to see the excitement of the one or two. No matter where you come from, I heard the 1212 leg of the event, all the awards in the station, try this luck joy, this can let the webmaster awfully busy week. Hello everyone, Zhou found a webmaster to wonder what color is the city carrier Shuangseqiu 900 million yuan super large faction award, the Provincial Welfare Lottery Center Shuangseqiu double bet principal double back are awesome in recent springs is the color of the friends of the sword easy road, in seven lottery play repeatedly broke the national prize! Gold prize! Super gold! With the color of the faithful communication station, we all feel that this is the double chromosphere "hold" a larger and more awesome super gold! Word Oh, the original seven lottery awards is to Ji’nan Shuangseqiu Pathfinder! The majority of friends, please note: seize the opportunity! Precision strike! Compound attack! Accurate strike! To have a small goal, but also a big dream". Not only to harvest to send prizes, but also to seize the Shuangseqiu pie award! You come on! Optimistic about you!相关的主题文章: