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Former Huizhou fire brigade captain Yang Jincai bribery trial involving the amount of 84 thousand www.yinwowo.com

Posted on November 16, 2017 by hanson

Huizhou fire brigade captain Yang Jincai bribery trial involving the amount of 84 thousand Nanfang Daily News (reporter Liu Guannan Intern Lai Peiwen) mobilized for himself and his wife, take bribes of cash dinners, thanks to Huang Baiqing and former director of Guangdong provincial water resources department. 15, Guangzhou City Intermediate People’s court held a public hearing of the defendant Yang Jincai alleged bribery case. According to the prosecution allegations, from 2008 to 2013, Yang Jincai gave Huang Baiqing a total of bribes 84 thousand yuan, HK $43 thousand. Yang Jincai is 50 years old, college degree. 17 years old when the army, from a fireman to monitor, clerks, and then to the Huizhou municipal public security fire brigade captain, in the fire fighting system for 28 years. According to the indictment, Yang Jincai served during the 2008 in Guangdong province Huizhou city police fire brigade captain, in order to solve the problem when the wife of job transfers, Guangdong Provincial Water Resources Department Director Huang Baiqing under the help of his wife, successfully transferred to the Guangdong provincial water conservancy department subordinate units of work. Thanks to the help of Huang Baiqing, Yang Jincai in 2008 before the Mid Autumn Festival by Zhang huisong of HK $30 thousand to Huang Baiqing, before the 2009 Spring Festival huisong of HK $10 thousand to the green cypress. In 2010, Yang Jincai from Huizhou city public security fire brigade demobilized, again in the help of Huang Baiqing, transferred to the Guangdong Provincial Department of water resources, as the province of Dongjiang River Basin Management Bureau Party committee, the Provincial Department of Water Resources Water Conservancy Bureau of Dongjiang water administration bureau. From 2010 to 2013, the annual Mid Autumn Festival, Yang Jincai will have dinner in a restaurant Huang Baiqing’s wife Chen, Chen repeatedly for payment of unpaid bills in the restaurant during a total of 84 thousand yuan, HK $3000 bribes to chen. In the trial, Yang Jincai said some of the money reluctantly, Huang Baiqing was invited to dinner, because the other party is not busy, is his wife Chen arrived at the scene. There are 4 meals after the bill, Chen proposed to let Yang Jincai to help the hotel in front of the consumption of money owed to settle the request. Sometimes he is not enough money, but also embarrassed to say, can only ask her to go first, and other family members or friends to send money to the account of the knot." Counsel for the defendant Yang Jincai pleaded guilty. Currently, the case is still under further investigation. Editor: GDN007相关的主题文章: