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[figure] the sale of 7.29-10.39 million KIA K2 new listing – Sohu car-tamiflu

Posted on April 19, 2018 by hanson

[map] sell 7.29-10.39 million new KIA K2 listed Sohu automobile Sohu [car   car]; Dongfeng Yueda? The new KIA K2 on the evening of November 7th officially listed, the new car uses and modern Beijing accepted the same platform, launched a total of 5 models, the price range of 7.29-10.39 million, and is equipped with 1.4L 1.6L two naturally aspirated engine. [table] [price after the conference related to the leadership and the new K2 Photo] new face shape changed greatly compared with the current model, using a new grille. In addition, the new car with new headlights and front bumper, and joined the LED daytime driving lights and fog lights in the front bumper on both sides of the rear of the vehicle; changes in the larger, new rear bumper for vehicle tail looks more full, and the moment is extremely popular throughout the taillight design. K2 with a new interior design, the console is more structured, with the black through the bright bar, a strong sense of hierarchy. In addition, the new car also uses a new style steering wheel and shift lever, the seat of the use of cortical material wrapped in the cushion and backrest also used punch. In the back, can see the overview of models provide a rear air outlet, in addition to existing models like the new K2 back there is no central head. The new K2 will be equipped with 1.4L and 1.6L engine, maximum power of 100 horsepower and 123 horsepower 1.2T engine, previously forecast advance does not appear in the new car, perhaps the future will provide the 1.2T engine to replace the 1.6L engine. Transmission matching 6 speed manual and 6 speed automatic transmission, which is consistent with the modern Yue bao. (Editor: Wang Xiaolei)相关的主题文章: