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Experts talk about the exchange rate RMB no long-term depreciation of the foundation – Sohu news-steam_api.dll

Posted on April 15, 2018 by hanson

Experts talk about the exchange rate: the RMB does not have a long-term depreciation of the foundation – Sohu news recently, the continued depreciation of the RMB has aroused concern in the short term, the RMB exchange rate will further decline? In the long run, the RMB is still a strong currency? Held in Beijing on 2017 before the financial meeting, China Academy of Social Sciences Academician Yu Yongding and other industry experts have expressed their views. Why devaluation of the RMB? China foreign exchange trading center data show that as of 18, the central parity of RMB against the U.S. dollar continued to decline, reported Friday at 6.8796, is the world’s eleventh consecutive tune, the longest record since June 2005. At present, the RMB is facing devaluation pressure." In Yu Yongding’s view, the overall pressure from trade, past a large export surplus less, will form some personal and corporate depreciation; asset allocation to foreign capital outflow phenomenon, will form a downward pressure. The people’s Bank China monetary policy committee Huang Yiping at the annual meeting also mentioned the phenomena influence the price of RMB capital outflows: "we still downward pressure on the economy, high leverage is still, new investment growth is formed in the process, some more enterprises choose to put their money overseas". Changes in the allocation of assets played a role in fueling. Huang Yiping said: "now people do not want to put all the eggs in one basket, hoping to have more assets allocated to non RMB assets." Stronger dollar also increased the devaluation pressure. These days, the depreciation of the renminbi is basically consistent with the dollar market, because we are a reference to a basket of currencies, a managed floating exchange rate system." Dacheng Fund chief economist Yao Yudong said that the U.S. dollar index has more than 101 points, devaluation is a normal response mechanism. Is the renminbi still a strong currency? There is also pressure on China to revalue the renminbi in the short term, but most industry experts agree that the long term RMB should be a strong currency, Chinese economic fundamentals do not support the long-term depreciation of the RMB, the bulk of the country’s foreign exchange reserve will provide strong support for the long-term rmb. "I think the exchange rate depreciation is not so terrible. Generally, there are four problems in the world: bank currency mismatch, corporate external debt, sovereign debt, inflation." Yu Yongding said that the current situation in our country, these problems do not exist. "One country, thirty years is a current-account surplus, now a current-account surplus, first in the world economic growth rate ranks highest in the world, there are 3 trillion US dollars in foreign exchange reserves, capital account is not fully open." Yu Yongding said that such a country’s exchange rate is difficult to substantially devalued. There is also the view that the yen and the pound two reverse force, will make the dollar’s strength becomes fragile. "The Bank of Japan is on 10 year bonds, now Japan’s ten year yields is almost zero, much more than 30 years, 40 – year low, that the Bank of Japan’s distortion of the yield curve, as the yen could not carry the pressure of the market, will be strong appreciation." Yao Yudong said. On the other hand, Yao Yudong believes that the impact of the process of taking off the euro in the UK, the beginning of next year the pound may rebound, "once the yen and sterling against"相关的主题文章: