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End of series! Broken 3 projectile on hope broadcasting decided reshacker

Posted on November 19, 2017 by hanson

End of series! "Broken 3" projectile on hope broadcasting decided in September 23, 2016, "broken" on projectile official series finale — "on 3-TheEndof peak breaking projectile hope – hope making" the Academy decided. As the "Hope", peak series ended, began airing on TOKYOMX and AT-X in Japan on September 29th at 23:30. "The 3-The End of projectile broken hope peak -" TV animation ", is on the projectile breaking: hope and despair, the high school students" is not a sequel; launched the game completely original TV animation. Animation has been broadcast "the next chapter" and "despair". "Desperate" time line is for the second game series on "super projectile breaking 2: sayonara Zetsubou Gakuen" prequel, depicting the second protagonists in the story of the past, which is first as before in human history the most evil event of despair. The next chapter is about the future members of the meeting to participate in the party suffered the despair of the party, and once again into the game can not escape the murder. At present, the official did not disclose more information "Hope", the official website of the PV still remain in the "future" of the introduction, for more information please wait for the follow-up report. [source: Tencent anime]相关的主题文章: