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During the national day without a wide range of heavy rainfall in Shanxi – People’s network-lformat

Posted on April 18, 2018 by hanson

During the national day without a wide range of heavy rainfall – Shanxi Channel – the people’s daily during the national day without a wide range of heavy rainfall – Shanxi Channel – People’s network

source: people.com.cn update: 2016-09-30 classification: 23:06:13 Keywords: Zhejiang City, lake, scene, occurrence, development, influence, Fujian, newspaper, southern, as of


newspaper in Beijing on 29 September,     (reporter Wang Hao, Jiangnan, Fang Min) by the "catfish" influence, Zhejiang, Fujian, Jiangxi, Eastern Guangdong, southern Anhui, southern Jiangsu drop heavy rain. Under its influence, Zhejiang Yao River and Qujiang, Feiyun River, Aojiang, Fujian, Minjiang, Xi Mulanxi downstream tributary dashng and other 26 small rivers flood happened more than the police. As of 29 May 8, preliminary statistics of Typhoon "catfish" caused a total of Fujian, Zhejiang province 11 city county 1 million 96 thousand and 700 75 2 people were affected, 57 thousand and 280 hectares of crops affected.

17:28 on September 28th, Su Haruki village natural village Zhejiang town Lishui County Suichang north of landslides, the formation of a lake. The landslide volume of about 50 thousand cubic meters, damming body formed about 20 meters high, the river width of 25 meters, a capacity of about 1 million cubic meters, catchment area of about 35 square kilometers. Pre sent to Zhejiang Province, the national headquarters working group has arrived at the scene, to assist in the lake emergency work, 29 morning, national headquarters sent a group of experts rushed to the lake site to strengthen technical guidance.

After the

disaster, Zhejiang mobilized more than 2000 rescue workers to carry out rescue. At present, on-site rescue is underway. As of 29, 21, confirmed the death of 3 people, there are still lost contact with 24 people.


newspaper in Beijing on 29 September,     (reporter Zhao Beijia) according to the Central Meteorological Observatory, the 2016 National Day holiday period, the wide range of heavy rainfall, temperatures in most areas, the overall weather conditions suitable for outdoor activities. Northern cold air activities, but before the holiday period of North Huang Huai with a mild to moderate haze or fog.

experts suggest that during the national day due north Huang Huai stage haze, Yunnan, Western Sichuan basin, northern Xinjiang and other places of local rainfall is strong, the need to pay attention to prevent the adverse effects of transportation and tourism safety, pay attention to prevent geological disasters such as landslides in mountainous areas.

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