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Different star awakening expose the mysterious sample of human beings first touch extraterrestrial i 7470d

Posted on November 16, 2017 by hanson

"The awakening" exposed to the mysterious alien sample notice human first touch of extraterrestrial intelligence – Jack Gyllenhaal – Entertainment Sohu – Ruian mysterious smile Reynolds talking about the magnificent sight of the space station entertainment Sohu directed by Daniel – einoza Ismail, Eliot – Rees and Paul – Jack – Gyllenhaal and Wernicke’s screenwriter, Ruian Reynolds, Rebecca Ferguson etc. starring sci-fi disaster film "Life" ("alien" awakening, provisional translation), today the world’s first synchronized international trailer. The sample was mysterious aliens found new clues, make a public astronaut very excited, but I do not know the implied fatal murder the space station in jeopardy. It is reported that the film will be released in North America in May 26, 2017. The space station in the menacing alien life crisis of the exposure of the trailer of the human consciousness with alien civilization, after 20 years of Mars rover collected "mysterious sample", announced the human and alien life finally establish contact. The miraculous discovery made the astronauts "ecstatic", but the nightmare came. "If you let it reach the earth and the entire human will face the threat of the grim Frank words can not help people with hair standing on end, fear into my heart. The alien life attack even after the mysterious disappearance of astronauts, strident alarm, deviated from the orbit of the space station that alien life for humans was dangerous; the astronauts confound eyes and painful groan is clear to their plight line. Danger came to the entire space station, the fate of the astronauts? How do humans get along with alien life? Undoubtedly become the biggest suspense film. Super gold team first teamed hard science fiction film cast a strong hit the stars shine, is the international first-class production team behind the scenes. The starred in "Brokeback Mountain", "source code" and a series of box office reputation double burst, and was Oscar nominated Hollywood star Jack – starring Gyllenhaal, another protagonist starred in "Deadpool" of Ruian – Reynolds, actress Rebecca Fogg Sen then had joined the "mission impossible 5: the mysterious kingdom", the acting star power to send up, plot a tiger with wings added. Behind the team can not be underestimated, which made the "Star Trek", "man on Jack", "mission impossible" and other classic films sky dance studios produced by Daniel Ismail einoza director, "Elliott" by Deadpool Rees and screenwriter Paul Wernick penned the script, by the "zombie World War", "saving Private Ryan", "Transformers" and other filmmaker Ian Brice as producer. A new and old gold lineup for the first time together, the collision sparks out of the great expectations. Strong opponents gathered grand lineup for the movie quality escort, this one "alien" awakening will start another frenzy of hard science. The sci-fi disaster film "Life" ("alien" awakening, provisional translation) produced by the Columbia film company, sky dance studios film, directed by Daniel einoza Ismail, Elliott Rees and Paul Wernicke’s screenwriter, by Jack – Gyllenhaal, Ruian – Reynolds.相关的主题文章: