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Did you drink the milk powder to the baby Look at how professional nutritionists say – Sohu maternal-my128.net

Posted on April 18, 2018 by hanson

Did you drink the milk powder to the baby? Look at how professional nutritionists said – Sohu mother and baby two weeks before the invitation of a large amount of money to bring you a professional and lively about the hydrolysis of milk, the lecture. Today to share with you the contents of the next version of the text! Good evening, everyone. I’m a big daddy. Department of nutrition, Shanghai Children’s Medical Center. Our department is currently in the hospital every day in the supply of children with various types of special formula milk powder to achieve 2W ml, but also bear the other clinical departments on the special formula milk. Today, the mother should be invited to talk about the "milk powder hydrolysis of those things". First, the hydrolysis of milk powder is a kind of milk powder for the prevention and treatment of allergic symptoms of special milk powder, the clinical application of nutritional support for some diseases. For most parents, are due to various allergic symptoms of the baby was forced to abandon breast or formula milk powder, and to this kind of expensive, special formula and poor taste. Hydrolyzed milk was used for the prevention and treatment of allergic symptoms, because this kind of milk powder by special technology of macromolecular protein hydrolysis in milk into small molecular protein or peptide, so that the baby is relatively weak gastrointestinal tract can more easily absorb. There is a kind of extreme milk called amino acid formula, the strict sense has been completely is not milk, formula powder which consists of amino acid completely excluding potential allergenic food sources, so more and more is used to solve the problem of infant allergy. However, once the baby allergy symptoms, we will have to use the hydrolysis of milk powder? Breastfeeding is really not suitable for babies with allergies? Today, we mainly analyze how to use the hydrolysis of milk powder in the end. First of all, we should know that the hydrolysis of milk powder from the nutritional content of the baby can fully meet the needs of growth and development. That is, from the nutritional aspects, the hydrolysis of milk powder and ordinary formula are qualified products. Hydrolyzed milk powder and ordinary formula, there are two main differences. The first is the raw material difference. The main source of carbohydrates in general formula milk is lactose, lactose is naturally present in breast milk, the state mandatory 1 formula milk powder source must be more than 90% from lactose. However, the ingredients of the hydrolyzed milk powder, maltodextrin will be impressively in the eyes, and many of the products will be ranked before the maltodextrin in lactose, some products are completely inside and outside the ingredients of lactose. This is due to the fact that a lot of hydrolyzed milk powder is lactose free formula, in order to apply with the possibility of lactose intolerance in children. So we can only use other ingredients to replace lactose, in addition to maltodextrin, there will be white sugar, etc.. For this special formula, we do not have to misunderstand the raw materials. Hydrolyzed milk powder will also be added in the chain of fatty acids to replace part of the long chain fatty acids, but also to make the baby easier to digest the use of fat. In addition, you may also be able to see the emergence of the flavor of food, which is usually in order to improve the poor taste of hydrolyzed milk powder. Second is the difference in the process. Hydrolysis of milk powder through a special process will be large相关的主题文章: