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Deng Chao, Yang Yang, Zhang Tianai, Liu Yan pass by Chongqing, waiting for you at Monument for Liber 9c8947

Posted on November 13, 2017 by hanson

Deng Chao, Yang Yang, Zhang Tianai, Liu Yan, passing through Chongqing, waiting for you on Wednesday in Monument for Liberation, by Zhang Yibai, a director of Chongqing, in his hometown, the film "pass through your world" will be released in September 29th. 28, Zhang Yibai will bring the original and screenwriter Zhang Jiajia back to Chongqing, held a grand movie premiere in Monument for Liberation. In the afternoon, Zhang Yibai and Zhang Jiajia will also attend the "Yuzhong district business alliance" start ceremony, share the movie and Yuzhong emotional story. Recently, Faye Wong for the "from your world through" singing tail song, "you’re waiting for me at the end", let Chongqing beautiful explosion friends circle. 25 film in Beijing reflected great praise, the stars and audience are behind the film have praise. Xu Zheng told Hao Ning, director of the "Crazy Rock", who once shot in Chongqing, "different directors take the same city, and their temperament is completely different.". One white makes Chongqing very beautiful." There are also the audience said "originally thought is someone else’s love, did not expect to see yourself", "laugh, laugh, cry, become a fool."". 28, "from your whole world passing by" original, screenwriter Zhang Jiajia, director Zhang Yibai will collective "pass by" Monument for Liberation, share the movie in Chongqing shooting during the fun. Eighteen ladder, Zhongshan four road, goose ridge two factory, Monument for Liberation…… Most of the movie in Yuzhong viewfinder, director Zhang Yibai is a native of the old Yuzhong people in the film on the occasion, in order to promote the business district of Yuzhong to further integration, build Yuzhong area to commercial tourism and culture as one of the tourist destination image, by the Yuzhong District Bureau of Commerce, the Yuzhong Tourism Bureau, Yuzhong District Cultural Committee Monument for Liberation CBD, CMC, big petrochemical District Management Committee, the CMC, the construction of historical and cultural blocks of electronic commerce and Creative Industry Park organized by Tencent · Chongqing net hosted Yuzhong area business alliance "will be officially launched on September 28th at 2 p.m.. With the theme of "passing through your world, waiting for you in Yuzhong", not only will ten food routes be released, but also the director Zhang Yibai will share the feelings of Yuzhong in the movie. 28, "from your whole world passing by" All-Star lineup waiting for you in Monument for Liberation! Click the picture to view the topic and sign up as a beauty guide

邓超杨洋张天爱柳岩路过重庆 周三在解放碑等你由重庆籍导演张一白在家乡取景拍摄的影片《从你的全世界路过》将于9月29日全国上映。28日张一白将携原著、编剧张嘉佳回到重庆,在解放碑举行盛大的电影首映礼。当天下午张一白和张嘉佳还将出席“渝中区商旅文联盟”启动仪式 ,现场分享电影与渝中的情感故事。最近王菲为《从你的全世界路过》唱的片尾曲《你在终点等我》让重庆美景刷爆朋友圈。25日电影在北京点映大获好评,群星和观众都力挺电影纷纷点赞。徐峥就对曾经在重庆拍过《疯狂的石头》导演宁浩说“不同的导演拍同样的城市,气质完全是不一样的。一白把重庆拍得非常美。”也有观众表示“原本以为是别人的爱情,没想到看到了自己”、“笑着笑着就哭成了傻瓜”。28日《从你的全世界路过》原著、编剧张嘉佳、导演张一白等将集体“路过”解放碑,分享电影在重庆拍摄期间的趣事。十八梯、中山四路、鹅岭二厂、解放碑……电影大部分都在渝中区取景,导演张一白更是土生土长的老渝中人在电影上映之际,为促进渝中区商旅文更进一步的融合,打造渝中区以商业旅游文化为一体的旅游目的地形象,由渝中区商务局、渝中区旅游局、渝中区文化委、解放碑CBD管委会、大石化新区管委会、历史文化街区建设管委会、电子商务和创意产业园管委会主办,腾讯·大渝网承办 的“渝中区商旅文联盟”将于9月28日下午2点正式启动。活动以“从你的全世界路过,在渝中等你”为主题,不仅会发布十条美食路线,导演张一白还将现场分享电影中的渝中情怀。28日,《从你的全世界路过》全明星阵容在解放碑等你!(点击图片查看专题,报名成为美女导游)相关的主题文章: