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Daughter of the house, there are dozens of sets of reports-nvidia geforce gt 740m

Posted on April 19, 2018 by hanson

The daughter-in-law father-in-law has dozens of sets of real estate officials reported [Abstract] living as husband and wife and fathered a child, because the contradiction between Naoqi divorce, the man parents know, with two people did not receive a marriage certificate on the grounds that the woman to get out China Yulin daily news (reporter Gao Yulong) in the name of life and education of husband and wife have a child, because the contradiction Naoqi divorce, the man parents know, with two people did not receive a marriage certificate on the grounds that the woman to cleanse the family. Female direction of Yulin, Fugu, two Commission for Discipline Inspection Report father-in-law corruption, huge unidentified property sources. September 27th, the China Daily reporter learned from Fugu County, Fugu County Land Bureau, deputy director of the report is currently under the rule of Zhang Shaojun. The report called "father" only housing more than 20 sets in September 26th, an article entitled "deputy director of the Fugu Land Bureau was publicly reported by double daughter-in-law" post in the forum, WeChat crazy. This net posts, posts in the daughter of Wang, deputy director of the Department of Fugu County Land Bureau Zhang Shaojun’s daughter". March 2013, Wang and Zhang Shaojun son Zhang held a wedding, but has not received a marriage certificate. Wang married pregnant for several months, Zhang found derailed, repeatedly failed to communicate with two parents, Zhang did not receive a marriage certificate on the grounds, to persuade them to cleanse the family. In order to get rid of Wang, Zhang Shaojun et al used a variety of ways. The network said, Zhang father by his power, generous, usually on the cash card balance of nearly one million yuan. Because of intimidation, Wang Yulin, Fugu in April this year to two Commission report Zhang Shaojun corruption, money to use unscrupulous divisive tactics. Wang said that only 20 sets of housing alone has more than 7 sets, has now been implemented with a suite of 2 shops and. September 27th morning, the China Daily reporter telephone contact Wang, she said, although she and Zhang did not receive a marriage certificate, but the incident, she has been pregnant for several months, and now worried about the child was injured, has moved to live in Xi’an. Yulin city procuratorate: the case is for the network said, Zhang Shaojun in addition to over 10 million yuan worth of real estate, there are tens of millions of private lending and savings, but most in his wife Xuemou, son of Zhang and her daughter’s name, only the name of the daughter will have one million yuan, a Audi car name of zhang. Moreover, Zhang Shaojun used his powers for the family, relatives profit. Zhang Shaojun had been bribed to send $80 thousand and some euros for their travel abroad. In addition, Zhang Shaojun and his family frequently access upscale places. Only one toilet to spend more than ten thousand yuan to buy a house, TV wall cost more than $6, the family had a drawer gold bars. From the photos provided by Wang, China Daily reporter saw Zhang Shaojun’s real estate are located in Fugu, Yulin, Xi’an, which has 4 sets of Xi’an, there are 3 sets of real estate and a shop in Yulin, there is a real estate. Wang also provides each house district name and number. Wang said that in addition to the property, she has other evidence, but need to wait for the discipline inspection, procuratorate investigation to provide, in addition to the relevant evidence, she can also provide witnesses. September 27th afternoon, Fugu County Commission for Discipline Inspection Secretary Li Shengyuan said, Zhang Shaojun of Yulin city procuratorate anti corruption bureau responsible for the investigation, Zhang Shaojun had been detained. Yulin City prosecutor’s office, a responsible person said, because the case is being handled, the relevant situation.相关的主题文章: