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Cool open release N2 Series Game TV VR machine simultaneously unveiled www.19ttt.com

Posted on November 16, 2017 by hanson

Cool open release N2 Series Game TV VR all-in-one machine at the same time Tencent Telecom (Zhao Yang) October 18th news, cool open release of the new game TV super lightning man N series of 2 generation and VR integrated machine random door". Cool open N2 TV has 50 inches, 55 inches and 60 inches in three versions, the official website from the price of $3499, VR machine optional door price of 3999 yuan. Cool open N2 TV in appearance with a full Aluminum Alloy border popular, looks quite satisfactory. In terms of hardware, the TV A53 CPU+Mali-T820 processor using Cortex GPU, 2GB DDR3 three channel memory, 8GB eMMC5.0 high-speed flash memory, and equipped with LG IPS 4K hard screen ultra clear screen, built-in HDR support, cool open system 5.5. With other Android smart TV can only play a different game, cool open N2 series TV also supports cloud games, built-in "Super Street Fighter 4", "devil may cry", "far cry 2", "Batman" and a variety of mainframe games. These cloud mainframe games, do not burn the local hardware resources, only 10M+ fiber network, you can experience. At the same time, cool also released G1 and G1s two VR integrated machine products. Cool open VR with a pixel density of 4 million 100 thousand pixels 700dpi Sharp 2.89 inch double screen, and the lenses have synchronous double single optical system, two independent closed mirror barrel design, the maximum extent to solve the problem of dispersion, ghosting and distortion. And for the industry has been worried about vertigo, the product also has a 9 axis sensor and Qualcomm GPU Adreno 530, the nominal motion picture you can see more in line with the human body to see the state of nature. The hardware aspect, the two VR machine uses Qualcomm snapdragon 820821 processor, 4GB +64GB memory, built-in 4700 Ma battery charge technology support Quickcharge3.0 fast. In addition, G1s also increased the 6DOF technology. The technology allows the VR experience without the use of external positioning sensors in the case of the helmet to achieve space positioning. Currently, cool open N2 TV has 50 inches, 55 inches and 60 inches in three versions, the official website price of 3499 yuan, respectively, $4999 and $4399. And in the double eleven period, the three products will be respectively 2999 yuan, 3549 yuan and 4599 yuan on sale. VR integrated machine optional door price is 3999 yuan. All new today will be in the cool open official website mall, Tmall, suning.com, Jingdong to open an appointment. (Tencent digital)相关的主题文章: