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Cook drying iPhone 7 plus photos netizens have points praise vy canis majoris

Posted on November 16, 2017 by hanson

Cook sun iPhone 7 photographs Plus users have praised [TechWeb] reported on September 12th news, according to foreign media reports, iPhone 7 and iPhone Plus 7 has been released on Wednesday, today the Apple Corp CEO Tim · Cook (Tim Cook) on the Twitter social network to share a group with iPhone 7 Plus shooting out of the picture. As a result. Cook Twitter. This group of photos is a sports illustrated photographer David E. Klutho with iPhone Plus 7 shooting out of the picture is very clear, attracted many netizens point praise. The biggest selling point of iPhone 7 Plus is equipped with a 12 million pixel dual cameras. Dual camera by a 28mm wide-angle lens (f 1.8) and a 56mm telephoto lens (f 2.8) combination, and has 2 times optical zoom, and optical image stabilization. Virtual effect is very natural, brightness increased by 25%, better color. The picture shows the American football match. (Zhou Lin) iPhone 7 Plus iPhone 7 Plus proofs proofs of iPhone 7 Plus iPhone 7 Plus proofs proofs相关的主题文章: