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Contemporary art, refused to copy it – Painting – People’s network poper

Posted on November 16, 2017 by hanson

Contemporary art, refused to copy it? – Painting – people.com.cn original title: contemporary art, refused to copy it? The creation of Chinese painting, copying ancient classics is a traditional, re creation on the basis of the form, even if the style is very close to the general will not be criticized; in the realism painting, painting style of the similarities of many will not cause criticism; in the concept of characteristic of contemporary art creation, such as a large number of references to related elements and the concept may be suspected of plagiarism. On the original, advocating innovation today, with the growing ranks of artistic creation, with a large number of similar style, themes similar works, let us continue to face the old problem — reference or plagiarism, the two boundary in where? In addition, how to look at contemporary art in the full use of ready-made or other ready-made elements of the creative way? In Books are numerous. exhibitions of works, how to ensure the original? How to protect the original spirit of young artists, and promote artistic creation? Reference or a copy of the 2015, Shanghai Contemporary Art Museum held a lecture entitled "Copyleft: China appropriation art" exhibition of western "appropriation art" theory of development and transformation, that China appropriation art contains at least three kinds of phenomena: Chinese and art related traditional copying; contemporary art and Western related misappropriation; related to current social phenomenon copycat. Copying, misappropriation, copycat, this is three different ways and the realm of learning. As far as contemporary art is concerned, there is no lack of successful examples of Western art. Zhang Xiaogang’s "big family" portrait reminiscent of Belgian surrealist painter Rene? Margaret Zhang Huan; comprehensive material can be found in the new German expressionist painter Anselm Keifer? The shadow; also, "Cai Guoqiang 2006 device exhibited at the Berlin Guggenheim Museum wall" relationship with Bois "wolves" works in 1969, and by Liu Xiaodong as the greatest British contemporary painter Freud, Lu Xi’an?. It is sad that Chinese desperately imitation of the western contemporary art artist is not a piece of pure land. American pop artist Geoff Koons was sued several times? Many charges of plagiarism; Australia Tim? Olsen Gallery Works Agency of Sydney terminated famous photographic artist Banari and cancel the upcoming opening of the exhibition, the reason is the unauthorized use of others to create pictures; Bob? The number of works from the photography image of Dylan in the exhibition; Japanese artist Wata Yoshihiko was discovered because of paintings copied Italy artist ALBERTO SUGHI, Department of culture by the Japanese government to recover its awarded 2005 annual art awards…… Yin Shuangxi, a professor at the China Central Academy of Fine Arts, also mentions another phenomenon, the artist’s self plagiarism. In the creation of relaxed environment, comprehensive information sharing channels today, some famous artists have found their own successful style, in order to meet the needs of the capital and the ongoing production of repetitive, ten years of work no breakthrough, no innovation, looks are the same. Walking today’s contemporary art exhibition, you can still see a lot of simple collage (collage of different background elements)相关的主题文章: