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Posted on June 2, 2018 by hanson

Comments received: asphalt led commodity starch continued to drop hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client Sina Financial News February 18th news yesterday, Iran expressed support for production plan and freeze in February 12th Russia and Saudi led a week API crude oil inventories fell 3 million 260 thousand barrels of crude oil soared 7%. In early morning commodity futures pulled up quickly, concussion finishing, afternoon commodity continued concussion, varieties rose more or less. By the end of the day, asphalt rose 1.56%, glass rose 1.37%, iron ore rose 1.03%, palm rose 0.77%, beans rose 0.40%. Starch fell 1.46%, soybean meal fell 0.75%, Shanghai aluminum fell 0.63%. Bear cost burden in starch industry difficult integration from the third quarter of 2014, a large number of enterprises due to the rapid return of funds to starch, capital chain rupture, and stop production or semi production, business increasingly difficult, some enterprises will completely disappear from the industry, the integration of emerging industry. By 2015, the situation was getting worse. This autumn, although the price of corn has declined, but did not completely remove the pressure on the cost of enterprises, while domestic consumption slump, terminal starch prices decline, even worse. Specifically, the cost of enterprises in Northeast China, such as the cost of all aspects of pressure, generally serious losses. The enterprises in Hebei, Shandong and South China are also in a difficult situation. The enterprises with scientific management and reasonable product structure can gain a little profit, but the prospect is not optimistic because of many unfavorable factors in the environment. According to China Starch Industry Association Wei Xuming deputy secretary general introduction, the future will still have some enterprises will be phased out. Digestion excess capacity requires at least ten years to truly complete the difficult integration of the industry. Glass futures rose sharply on the spot market, yesterday in North China, Hebei safety 5mm float glass ex factory price reported 952 tons. The central area of Wuhan Changli 5mm float glass spot price at 1152 yuan per ton. Hua Wen futures researcher Yang Guangxi believes that the glass spot prices overall stabilization, but confidence is still insufficient. Technology perspective, glass futures in the long-term upward trend, short-term rally accelerated. Yesterday, the main 1605 contract rose, while the overall trend of commodities weak. Glass is to maintain the overall gains, but short-term fluctuations, is not recommended to chase. Focus on overall commodity trends and changes in basic glass news. The supporting position is 868 points and the resistance position is 890. Recommend a single temper timely liquidation. Ruida futures expects most of the deep processing enterprises will resume work after the Lantern Festival, and the effective demand starts relatively late. Technically, the glass 1605 contract is supported by the 10 line, the top tend to test 900 point line pressure, short-term upward trend of shock. Operation, the short line between 860-900 yuan interval trading. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

收评:沥青领涨商品 淀粉持续大跌 热点栏目 资金流向 千股千评 个股诊断 最新评级 模拟交易 客户端   新浪财经讯 2月18日消息,昨日伊朗表示支持俄罗斯和沙特牵头达成的冻结产量计划以及2月12日当周API原油库存减少326万桶,原油暴涨7%。早盘商品期货快速拉升后,震荡整理,午后商品延续震荡,品种涨多跌少。   截止收盘,沥青涨1.56%,玻璃涨1.37%,铁矿涨1.03%,棕榈涨0.77%,豆一涨0.40%。淀粉跌1.46%,豆粕跌0.75%,沪铝跌0.63%。   不堪成本重负淀粉行业艰难整合进行时   从2014年第三季度开始,大批淀粉企业因资金无法快速回笼,资金链断裂,而停产或半停产,企业经营日渐艰难,有些企业则彻底从行业内消失,行业整合初见端倪。   至2015年,情况愈演愈烈。今年秋季,玉米价格虽然有所下降,但没有完全解除企业成本压力,同时国内消费低迷,终端淀粉价格下滑,更是雪上加霜。具体来 看,东北地区企业受到的成本等各方面压力较大,普遍亏损严重。河北、山东及南方地区的企业亦举步维艰,其中经营科学、产品结构合理的企业能稍有赢利,但面 对大环境的诸多不利因素,前景不容乐观。   据中国淀粉工业协会魏旭明副秘书长介绍,未来仍会有一些企业将被陆续淘汰。消化过剩产能至少需要十年时间才能真正完成行业的艰难整合。   玻璃期货放量大涨   现货市场上,昨日华北地区河北安全5mm浮法玻璃出厂价报952元 吨。华中地区武汉长利5mm浮法玻璃现货价报1152元 吨。   华闻期货研究员杨广喜认为,玻璃现货价格总体趋稳,但信心仍显不足。技术面看,玻璃期货中长期呈上涨走势,短期涨势加速。昨日主力1605合约 大涨,而商品整体走势偏弱。玻璃虽整体保持涨势,但短期波动较大,不建议追涨。关注整体商品走势及玻璃基本面消息变化。支撑位为868点,阻力位为890 点。建议多单逢高适时平仓。   瑞达期货预计,大部分深加工企业元宵节过后才会陆续复工,有效需求启动比较晚。技术上,玻璃1605合约受10日线支撑,上方趋于测试900点一线压力,短线呈现震荡上行走势。操作上,短线860-900元间可区间交易。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: