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Chuzhou armless man high-speed driving without a license to carry six or seven passengers to block t www.ncss.org.cn

Posted on November 16, 2017 by hanson

Chuzhou armless man high-speed driving without a license to carry six or seven passengers to block the plate driver driving without a license, for all of us and not what happens, but if the driver hands are not undocumented, carrying six or seven passengers travelling on the highway? And the driver blocked the license to claim that he wanted to run a little faster not to be photographed? Recently, Chuzhou four high-speed traffic police brigade police on patrol, encountered such a set number of serious illegal acts in a bold driver. In September 13, 2016, around 16 PM, patrolling Ningluo high-speed downlink 134KM at the four Chuzhou high-speed traffic police brigade instructor He Qiwu, suddenly found in front of the emergency lane of illegal parked a car, the car also stood a woman with a baby in her arms. See the arrival of police, the woman hurried on the car, seeing this, the police began to not think, according to a few speakers to remind the driver off as soon as possible. But when the police car passed the car, he suddenly found a problem instructor, the car seems to have no license before and after. Police immediately get off command this car has to prepare to leave aside docked for inspection. At first, the police have just noticed before the original license plate of the car was blocking the what, then let the driver off for questioning, I did not expect that, when the driver of the car, the driver saw the upper two empty sleeves, the police were shocked: two hand our original machine no! After a detailed inquiry, the police have finally learned what happened. The original driver Zhang lives in Shaanxi, the Kunshan to Jiangsu to visit relatives, his car is on loan to others. Originally, the car is also a driver of its peer driving, until the rest in Chuzhou Daxi river service area in the process, the driver of the child in the car and spit up, and he can not hold it. Seeing this, Zhang decided to take his car, rushed to the front of the Mingguang City for treatment as soon as possible. For fear of being photographed speeding bring trouble to the owner, he had two pieces of cloth will be covered up the license. In this way, he took the car on the road. But did not open for a long time, the child was in the car made up, but under, he had to stop at the roadside, happened to be caught by the police patrol. For Zhang’s violations, the police conducted a serious criticism of education, and in accordance with the provisions of its severe punishment. (reporter Feng Bing Hu Hao) original title: Chuzhou armless male unlicensed driving speed, but also block the plate!相关的主题文章: