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Chongqing husband get temper woman complaining around Fanzao accused-vidown

Posted on April 18, 2018 by hanson

Chongqing: husband get temper woman complaining around Fanzao accused Zhou Yulan, 32 years old, Sagittarius husband half a year before substantial pay cut, my little woman suddenly became the home of the backbone of the economy. The husband and his family did not say that I am a good word, but I think that is too bad, not a justice. Husband is a private enterprise in the dry, before the monthly salary card on the million, in addition to send some cash. He kept his own money and honor their parents, wages card has been handed over to me responsible for the various expenses at home. I get my own pocket money. The second half of last year, her husband began to get, to April this year, the payroll card only 4000 yuan, and no cash income. We have kept the. I offered 4000 yuan, the husband left $2000 for personal use, I left my home with a salary of 2000 yuan together. I never thought the husband a substantial pay cut to bring the biggest change is no economic pressure, but his character. Prior to his character is very good, positive and optimistic, humorous, broad-minded, and now the mood is very bad, very sensitive stingy, prone to temper. A few days ago, I bought some seasonal clothes, he looked at me as wasteful price stamp with rage, the prodigal son. I explained the purchase price is only half off. He was furious, asked me to return all bought for him, not a gigolo. A lot of things like that, I went to his sister, I hope she can help persuade him. The results did not expect the direct call me sister snob, Xianpinaifu, her brother can earn a lot of money when I never said is not good, now I turn my income to fall about this and that. The more I explain her misunderstanding. She quickly went to Grandpa mother-in-law told me evil like her, also called me in the past severely criticized. Husband here, I find that his family poor, lost his face. I suddenly became the enemy of their home, I don’t understand why they have so many misconceptions about me? Dialogue together together Zhang Wei: do you think that the husband after a substantial pay cut in a bad mood, your mood? Zhou Yulan: of course, the mood is not good. Zhang: you are husband and wife, emotional interaction is normal. Broaden the psychological capacity, the construction of psychological energy, give him enough understanding, tolerance and support. When in trouble, husband and wife together together, rather than each other regardless of friction into, so that you will be more close to the happiness. Notes the sums to have a good day 26 afternoon, Zhou Yulan and I met in a restaurant in Guanyin Bridge. I asked her what she felt wronged? She said 3, the first is the husband of a man like change, followed by the husband and his sister, parents ignore her family pay, but blindly blame her selfish prodigal. There is her own mother in Hainan for a long time, for her indifference, call to complain, mother do not have the patience to hear, very chilling. Zhou Yulan said that her husband has been very smooth, this time he must find it difficult to accept. I nodded, encouraging her to continue to understand the point of view. She changed the subject, but this difficult and not me, why he and they are blaming me? I say they blame you.相关的主题文章: