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Chibi Maruko premiere young innocent high sweet child the multinational Sohu – Entertainment-magicq

Posted on April 16, 2018 by hanson

"Chibi Maruko" premiere young innocent high sweet child the multinational Sohu   entertainment; "Chibi Maruko" junior high pure sweet child the transnational [Click to enter the HD Photo]     > > > > click on the watch "Chibi Maruko from Italy youth" ultimate entertainment news (SAM month Notice of Sohu the Yuanhui / video flood map) the evening of September 20th, the movie "Chibi Maruko from Italy youth" (hereinafter referred to as "Chibi Maruko") premiere held in Beijing, announced that the film will be screened in the country on the 23 day. The premiere triggered full hall boom, and exotic young pure feelings of sweet sweet child audience, not only the children have fun, parents also sincerely lamented recalled his youth. The classic cartoon "Chibi Maruko" is one of the world’s most famous animation works. With warm adorable characters and real funny story, sweet harvest numerous love. In the movie version of "cherry", she continued to maintain the color of its innocence, she met a young fellow from Italy, and my new partner travel companion, and with partners together and know how to grow up after the true meaning of friendship, laughter and tears together to grow. Viewing the scene laughter, the audience in the big screen on the ball "clearly childish not, but still have tears to impulse", "small ball while watching feel funny, now see more is moved", some parents say "sweet or so lovely, a super happy family movie" "take the baby to see the girl feel particularly good, hope the baby can love the kind-hearted girl". Many children in the concept of the movie is the movie imitated a cute face, unabashed affection for the films. Media evaluation of the film will fall Carnival viewing is preferred, very suitable for the whole family together to see the carnival movies, children and friends can happiness within". The premiere of the scene, there are three "round flower" help, sing and dance all meat Zhu Xingjie and two times gentleman beautiful young Luo Ming, Yang kuaizui? Cenozoic variety into three different costumes through the style of the "flower round students who came to the scene" for "small meatball, open crazy confession mode, on the expression of small goddess the love and praise. The movie "Chibi Maruko from Italy youth" as a screenwriter by "Chibi Maruko" original author cherry, animation director Takagi Jun as director, in September 23rd Chinese mainland theaters.相关的主题文章: