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Carry forward the spirit of the great Long March – Hubei Channel – People’s network exit safe mode

Posted on November 16, 2017 by hanson

Carry forward the great spirit of the long march – Hubei Channel – people.com.cn is the spirit of a nation’s long-term survival of the soul, the spirit only reached a certain height, the nation in the history to survive and move forward. The Long March, a great feat in the history of mankind, leaves us the most precious spiritual wealth, which is the great long march spirit of the Chinese Communists and the Red Army officers and men." In commemoration of the 80 anniversary of the victory of the Red Army General Assembly, general secretary Xi Jinping summed up the great significance of the long march and spiritual content, vivid interpretation of the spirit of the long march across the space-time value of the times. Continue to push forward the history, create brilliant career revolutionary predecessors, we need to vigorously carry forward the spirit of the Long March, write a new chapter in the new long march. The fire, loyal-hearted, long march marked a new level of human spirit. The long trek in Wanli, the long march spirit embodies the ideal of justice, as solid as rocks of triumphalism, reflected in salvaging the play, willing to sacrifice, embodies the independent courage and realistic character, reflect the overall situation of the mind, unite the people’s supreme accomplishment, embodies the feelings, rooted in the masses of style. The great spirit of the Long March, is a vivid reflection of people and the leadership style of the Communist Party China people’s army of the revolution, is to show the Chinese nation unremitting self-improvement national character, is the highest embodiment of patriotism as the core of the national spirit. Today, the new Long March, the urgent task is arduous, reform extremely hard and bitter. The realization of "two one hundred year struggle goals and achieve the great rejuvenation of the China dream, its pioneering, arduous and complex nature, no less than the long march. As general secretary Xi Jinping demanded, keep in mind the great spirit of the Long March, learning a great long march spirit, carry forward the great spirit of the Long March, we can overcome the "four dangers", to withstand the "Four Test", across today’s mountain grassland, overcome on the road ahead "pass" and "lazikou". Carry forward the spirit of the great Long March, we must not forget the beginning of the heart, firm ideals and beliefs, and constantly enhance road confidence, theoretical confidence, institutional self-confidence, cultural self-confidence. There is faith in the heart, strength at the foot. 95 years down the search, 67 years of good governance, we find the right direction to realize national rejuvenation, embarked on the broad road of socialism with Chinese characteristics Chinese. No matter how arduous and tortuous, encounter what kind of risks and challenges, we have no reason to doubt and waver, because we are in pursuit of truth, follow the law, represents the fundamental interests of the people. We must carry forward the great spirit of the Long March, the hearts of the people in the highest position, insist on doing everything for the people, by the people, for the people to live more wonderfull life to struggle. In the new Long March, the party must keep in mind that why people by what the problem is, inspection of a political party, a political nature touchstone. Forget the people, from the people, we will become the water without a source, will accomplish nothing. The new era has new mission, we only have time with the people of flesh and blood, or stand together through storm and stress, and to gather up the Our wills unite like a fortress. pounds)相关的主题文章: