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Beijing – VIDEO – Chengdu Longquan mountain seventy elderly guardian of the Millennium Monument in recent 50 years in Chengdu Longquan mountain seventy elderly guardian of the Millennium Monument in recent 50 years [comment] there is a small temple in the mountain town of Longquanyi District of Chengdu City, inside the "live" with 1400 years of history, Zhou Wenwang monument". According to local people, living in the small temple next to a house, the owner called Xiao Taifa, accompanied stone for nearly 50 years. 21, the reporter came to the stone site, to see the 73 year old old man xiao. Xiao Taifa waiting for the king monument is located in the Northern Zhou Dynasty stone Buddha Temple behind a piece called "day stone" natural rock. "Zhou Wenwang monument engraved on the Northern Zhou Xiao Min Dili first year (AD 557 years), was for a posthumous Zhou Wenwang general Zhou Yuwen Tai stands, located in downtown Chongqing at the time of the ancient Yi Dao on. The height is 2.44 meters and the width is 1.24 meters. Experts believe that it is the Yangtze River Basin found so far the earliest, most intact preserved inscriptions of the northern and southern dynasties. In 2013, Zhou Wenwang monument was announced by the State Council as the national cultural relics protection unit. The inscription to script incised with more than 1310 words, mainly describes the actual rulers, Zhou Wei regime founder Zhou Yuwen Tai’s achievements, generation of Wei and Shu erected the origin and other historical events. Is the only one China preserved, with inscriptions recorded during the Northern Zhou Dynasty history and stone for the extremely precious Yuwen Tai flatter. Through the interpretation of the inscription, can for future generations to understand and study the Northern Zhou Dynasty, the political and military system to provide written evidence. The days of rain in Chengdu finally ushered in the warm sun, Xiao Huatai taking advantage of good weather to start cleaning the stone before the leaves of weeds. The old man told reporters, from 1968 received a mandate to protect the stone, after difficulties and suffering has been quietly guardian, next year is for 50 years. The same period [] (Millennium Monument keeper Xiao Taifa) because I received a notice from 1968, an emergency meeting back as soon as I keep the Northern Zhou Wenwang protection monument, Monument and immediately protected, so I kept till now, next year for fifty years. [comment] let Xiao Taifa most memorable, is the origin of his "Zhou Wen monument" and. In 1968, when he was the local militia commander Xiao Taifa, suddenly received a mission called him to protect the Northern Zhou Wenwang monument, when he rushed to the stone nearby, saw several young people are stone lettering, Xiao Taifa said, if a step late, the whole monument is ruined. After that, Shaw settled down on the lower floor of the stone tablet. This is half a year. At the same time, Xiao Taifa, the stone keeper of the millennium, floated in and the quilt was wet. I slept here, and the older people said, "Xiao Xiao, you’re coming in." I say no, this is my task, and my duty must be kept here. [comment] with the study of cultural relics and Archaeology of Northern Zhou Wenwang workers, Zhou Wenwang monument monument "value gradually being understood. "Zhou Wenwang monument" to study people up more gradually. The same period [] (Millennium Monument keeper Xiao Taifa) of the people, to study the beizhou things together

中新网-视频-成都龙泉山七旬老人 守护千年石碑近50年  成都龙泉山七旬老人 守护千年石碑近50年   【解说】在成都市龙泉驿区山泉镇有一座小庙,里面“住”着有1400多年历史的“北周文王碑”。据当地人介绍,在小庙的旁边住着一户人家,主人叫肖太发,陪伴石碑近50年。21日,记者来到了石碑所在地,见到了已73岁的老人肖太发。   肖太发守候的北周文王碑坐落在石佛寺背后一块叫“天落石”的天然岩石上。“北周文王碑”刻于北周孝闵帝元年(公元557年),是当时北周将领为追谥北周文王宇文泰而立,坐落在当时繁华的成渝古驿道上。通高2.44米,宽1.24米。专家认为它是长江流域迄今发现最早、保存最为完好的南北朝碑刻。2013年,北周文王碑被国务院公布为国家级文物保护单位。碑文以楷书阴刻着1310余字,主要叙述西魏实际执政者、北周政权奠基人宇文泰生平业绩,北周代魏史事,以及西蜀立碑缘起等。是中国唯一一处保存至今、以碑文的形式记录北周时期史事及为宇文泰歌功颂德的石刻,极其珍贵。通过对碑文的解读,能为后人了解、研究北周时期政治、军事等制度提供文字佐证。   连日降雨的成都终于迎来了暖阳,肖太发趁着好天气开始清扫石碑前的杂草树叶。老人告诉记者,从1968年接到任务要保护好石碑开始,历经千难万苦一直默默守护,到明年就是整整50年了。   【同期】(千年石碑守护者 肖太发)   因为我从1968年接到通知,开紧急会议回来我就立即保护守这个碑,北周文王碑就喊立即保护起来,所以说我一直守着到现在,明年就整整五十年。   【解说】最让肖太发记忆深刻的,是他和“北周文王碑”的渊源。1968年,当时时任当地民兵连长的肖太发,突然接到任务叫他要保护好北周文王碑,当他赶往石碑附近时,就看到有几位年轻人正在石碑上刻字,肖太发说,如果晚到一步,整块碑就毁了。在那之后,肖太发就在石碑下铺上稻草住了下来。这一住就是半年。   【同期】(千年石碑守护者 肖太发)   当时下雨水飘进来,被子打湿了我还是睡到这里,当时那些老年人还说:“小肖,下雨了你进来。”我说不,这个是我的任务,我的职责,守就必须要在这里守下下来。   【解说】随着文物考古工作者对“北周文王碑”的研究,北周文王碑的价值逐渐被世人了解。前来研究“北周文王碑”的人也逐渐多了起来。   【同期】(千年石碑守护者 肖太发)   来看的人,来研究这个北周东西的(人)多,还有外国的,新加坡、加拿大、德国的。   【解说】肖太发坦言,他对石碑的感情非常深,他曾嘱托他的两个儿子和孙子,如果哪天他过世了,那么他的儿子们就要继续把这个“北周文王碑”守好管好,不能再遭人破坏。   【同期】(千年石碑守护者 肖太发)   再困难再艰苦我也一直守下去。但是我今后的打算,我跟我两个儿子都讲好了,连我孙子我都给他说了的,如果我过世了,那么我喊我的儿子继续把这个文物守好管好,不能再遭人破坏了。   何浠 吕杨 成都报道相关的主题文章: