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Beijing city is affected by fireworks and firecrackers-lformat

Posted on June 4, 2018 by hanson

Beijing City, fireworks effect on moderate air pollution will present the original title: Beijing: by day fireworks effects will now moderate air pollution in Beijing in February 5, Xinhua (reporter Li Meng, Ni Yuanjin) according to the Beijing municipal environmental protection monitoring center 5 bulletin, February 7th white sky gas quality will maintain a good level, but by night fireworks the fireworks were set off, is expected in February 8th (the first) all day long air quality level Four moderate level of pollution. Reporters from Beijing environmental protection monitoring center was informed that, near the Spring Festival, due to the more population from Beijing, Beijing production and living intensity decreased, so that pollution emissions significantly reduced, the accumulation of pollution slowed down. From February 5th to February 6th, the Beijing area continued to be affected by cold air. The situation of diffusion was favorable, and the air quality was good as a whole, and kept at a good level. According to the introduction, on the 7 day, the ground pressure field in Beijing area will appear more obvious weakening, leading to wind reduction. It is expected that the air quality will maintain a good level during the daytime of 7, but after the night, the air quality will be significantly worse by the influence of the pollutants emitted from the concentrated fireworks and firecrackers, and the heavy pollution level can be reached in the early morning. Under the influence of fireworks and firecrackers, the air quality of the 8 day will be moderate pollution level of four. Beijing environmental protection department recommends that the general public try to reduce the amount of fireworks emissions, in order to reduce the negative impact of fireworks on air quality. Editor in chief: SN226

北京市受烟花爆竹影响 初一将现空气中度污染   原标题:北京:受烟花爆竹影响 初一将现空气中度污染   新华社北京2月5日电(记者李萌、倪元锦)据北京市环境保护监测中心5日通报,2月7日白天空气质量将保持良好水平,但受夜间烟花爆竹集中燃放影响,预计2月8日(初一)全天空气质量为四级中度污染水平。   记者从北京市环境保护监测中心获悉,临近春节,由于离京人口较多,北京地区生产、生活活动强度下降,使污染排放量大幅减少,污染积累速度放缓。2月5日至2月6日,北京地区继续受冷空气影响,扩散形势有利,空气质量整体较好,保持在优良水平。   据介绍,7日当天,北京地区地面气压场将出现较为明显的减弱,导致风力减小。预计7日白天空气质量将保持良好水平,但入夜后受集中燃放烟花爆竹所排放的污染物影响,空气质量将明显转差,凌晨短时可达到重度污染水平。在烟花爆竹燃放影响下,8日全天空气质量将为四级中度污染水平。   北京市环保部门建议广大市民尽量减少烟花爆竹的燃放量,以减轻燃放烟花爆竹对空气质量的不利影响。 责任编辑:苏未然 SN226相关的主题文章: