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Beijing – -60 multi video more than 8500 pieces of cultural treasures appearance Dunhuang reproducti superrecovery

Posted on November 16, 2017 by hanson

Beijing – -60 multi video more than 8500 pieces of cultural treasures "appearance" Dunhuang reproduction silk civilization 60 countries more than 8500 pieces of cultural treasures "appearance" Dunhuang reproduction silk civilization [comment] the first Silk Road (Dunhuang) International Cultural Expo opened in September 20th, 95 foreign delegations from 85 countries and 5 international organizations attend. "The Belt and Road" along the more than and 60 countries more than 8 thousand and 500 pieces of cultural products and important cultural relics in Dunhuang debut. The core activities of the Silk Road as the first cultural exhibition fair, a total of China, international, Gansu, 4 thematic exhibition, the exhibition covers the cultural treasures of historical relics, creative design, animation production, intangible cultural heritage protection, and Chinese porcelain firing aerospace technology etc. more than ten kinds of categories, showcasing the Asia, Europe and Africa America, Oceania and other countries of the fine arts. The same period [] head of the Russian Academy of Arts and Sciences Zurab tsereteli? The three picture is together with the concept, they are a symbol of the morning and noon, at noon and in the evening, the three picture is representative of the Silk Road from morning to evening a whole morning to a process, it is placed in the middle, symbol now the silk road has just begun, it is the curator of a project will do so. [comment] France is the first fair’s guest country. Gilt antique cabinets, Louis Xiv during the eighteenth Century oil painting, silk, and more than 200 pieces of exhibits, from space and time back "in France and the silk road that thing". [over] the French Embassy Cultural and Educational Cooperation Department Deputy Commissioner of French culture in the red warbler is very pleased to participate in this exhibition, because we think it will be a window open to the public China, Chinese do not need to take the plane to fly to France, will be able to understand a situation in France in all aspects, not only is the Chinese familiar with the French of the scenic spots, there are a lot of French made in some areas of the results, see. [comment] "Belt and Road Initiative along the national intangible cultural heritage exhibition and the countries along the silk road exhibition is the most amazing, the curatorial staff said, 28 thousand square meters of indoor exhibition hall is more like a flow of" world silk road cultural corridor ", the Dunhuang cultural feast" reproduction "the history of the silk road. Reporter Wei Jianjun Gansu, Dunhuang reports相关的主题文章: