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Posted on June 4, 2018 by hanson

BBC will disclose the late pope "confidante" Vatican question – Sohu news [Global Times special correspondent in Germany Aoki] late pope John Paul II married a married woman? According to German Der Spiegel 15 reports, Broadcasting British Corporation (BBC) documentary will disclose the close relationship between Pope Paul S and a married woman with three children. The Vatican strongly questioned the authenticity of the program. The documentary called "the secret letter of Pope Paul S" is scheduled to be broadcast on the wide-angle lens of BBC television on Monday. On Tuesday, Germany and France jointly organized by the art of television will also broadcast the film. The film will reveal 30 years of close ties between Pope Paul S and the Poland American female philosopher, through hundreds of letters and photographs that have never been exposed. Allegedly, Paul S Toomey and lisca met in 1973, and two people are more than 50 years old. Marry married a professor at Harvard University, with three children. At the time, the poet wanted to translate a theological book for the future pope. In the next few years, the married woman kept a correspondence with the future pope. The two also took a walk together and took a ski trip during the holidays. A photograph shows two people living in a tent, and the future pope stands in front of the tent in shorts and t-shirts. The documentary has led some Western observers to speculate that two people may fall in love. The person familiar with the letters said, "the content of the letter was intense and passionate, as if Paul S had to test whether he could remain faithful to his devotion to religion." A writer wrote the biography of Paul S described "Toomey Niska sexy, sharp, very personality". Until the day before the death of the Pope, the philosopher visited him in the hospital. However, the German "Frankfurt report" pointed out that this relationship is obviously a pure Platon style relationship". There is no sign that the Pope will break his celibacy in the future. Bornstein, a famous American journalist who wrote the biography of Paul S, said he had denied any emotional entanglement with the late pope in an interview. She said, "the two simply" like each other "," how can I fall in love with a middle aged priest? "" The friends said Toomey lisca, she was attracted by the future pope. The nice feelings no Toomey card. In fact, Paul S kept long letters with many women. "Frankfurt report" said that the documentary is also believed to be reported in Tuscany Polish wave the late pope with another female friend. The two met in the 50s of the last century. Wave in 2009 two people in Tuscany private letters published a 570 page book, sparked a storm in europe. At that time the Vatican insisted that the close relationship between wave and the exaggerated tuscany. Paul S served as Pope for nearly 27 years, and died in 2005. In response to the BBC documentary, Vatican spokesmen responded that Paul S had never violated the doctrine of abstinence. Vatican officials also said the documentary was "exaggerated."".

BBC将披露已故教皇“红颜知己” 梵蒂冈质疑-搜狐新闻  【环球时报驻德国特约记者 青木】已故教皇约翰?保罗二世恋上有夫之妇?据德国《明镜》周刊15日报道,英国广播公司(BBC)的纪录片将披露教皇保罗二世与一名有三个孩子的已婚女子的密切关系。梵蒂冈则强烈质疑节目内容的真实性。   这部名为“教皇保罗二世的秘密书信”的纪录片预定于周一在BBC电视台“广角镜”栏目播出。周二,德国和法国合办的艺术电视台也将播出此片。该片将通过数以百计从未曝光过的信件和照片,揭开教皇保罗二世与波兰裔美国女哲学家图米尼斯卡长达30年的密切关系。   据称,保罗二世和图米尼斯卡相识于1973年,且两人都已50多岁。图米尼斯卡嫁给一名哈佛大学的教授,有三个孩子。图米尼斯卡当时想翻译未来的教皇的一本神学著作。在随后的几年中,这名有夫之妇与未来的教皇保持书信往来。两人还一起散步,在假期中一起滑雪旅行。一张照片显示,两个人在一个帐篷里住,未来的教皇穿着短裤和T恤衫站在帐篷前。   这一纪录片引发一些西方观察家的猜测,认为两人可能坠入情网。熟悉这些书信的消息人士说,“信中内容情感强烈炽热,仿佛保罗二世要借此测试自己能否对献身宗教保持忠诚。”一位曾撰写保罗二世生平的作家则形容图米尼斯卡“性感、敏锐、非常有个性”。直到教皇去世前一天,女哲学家还到医院看望了他。   不过,德国《法兰克福汇报》指出,这种关系显然是“纯粹的柏拉图式关系”。没有任何迹象表明,未来的教皇打破了独身生活。曾撰写保罗二世传记的美国著名记者博恩斯坦表示,图米尼斯卡在接受采访时,曾否认与已故教皇有任何感情纠葛。她说,两人单纯是“互相喜欢”,“我怎么会爱上一个中年教士?”图米尼斯卡的友人则表示,她当时的确被这位未来教皇所吸引。教皇对图米尼斯卡的感情毫不知情。   实际上,保罗二世曾与多个女性保持长期的书信往来。《法兰克福汇报》称,纪录片据信也将报道已故教皇与另一名女性好友、波兰人波托斯卡的关系。两人早于上世纪50年代结识。波托斯卡曾于2009年将两人私人书信结集出版一本570页的书,在欧洲引发风暴。梵蒂冈当时坚称,波托斯卡夸大与教皇的密切关系。   保罗二世担任教皇近27年,直到2005年过世。对于BBC的纪录片,梵蒂冈发言人回应称,保罗二世从未违反禁欲教条。有梵蒂冈官员还表示,这部纪录片“夸大其词”。相关的主题文章: