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Based on the new starting point as the vanguard of Anhui channel — people.com.cn-www.8008205555

Posted on April 20, 2018 by hanson

Based on the new starting point   as the vanguard of Anhui channel people.com.cn — according to the Ma’anshan daily news, "the study and implement the spirit of the city, we must firmly grasp the theme of the work, Congress put forward target and development strategy, combined with the actual Dangtu, creatively carry out good work." Dangtu County Party Secretary Yang Shanbin said in an interview with reporters, is to be pragmatic, pioneering and innovative, dare to play, striving for excellence, fully carry forward the spirit of a nail, spare no efforts in the implementation of the work. The key is to focus on the city party spirit, focus on six articles. Around the transformation and upgrading, focus on innovation. The further implementation of innovation driven development strategy, vigorously promote the "transfer promotion work, fostering the growth of strategic emerging industries, focusing on health and beauty (Biomedical), electronic information, green food, new materials, new energy, high-end equipment manufacturing and other emerging industries, accelerate the 6 strategic emerging industrial base construction, formation the new economic growth point. Focus on stimulating vitality, focus on doing open articles. Grab the "The Belt and Road" and the Yangtze River Economic Belt of good opportunities, and actively integrate into the Yangtze River Delta economic circle, Nanjing city circle, active docking and Wuhu urban development, implementation of leveraging the development, integration and development. Continue to give the power of the county support Dangtu Economic Development Zone, striving for national level, accelerate the national 5A level scenic Mount Daqing Li Bai create a cultural tourism area, promote the construction of the castle River synchronous concentrated area of high-tech park, modern agricultural demonstration zone and four town center industry, efforts to build a multi-point support, global development pattern vivid. Focus on enhancing stamina, focus on doing the project. In accordance with the requirements of the economic work of the project, project work responsibilities, the full implementation of the "four guarantees" four project construction supervision system construction, seize the golden period, strengthen tracking scheduling, compaction responsibility of the parties around the Reckitt Pharmaceutical Industrial Park, Kodak clean new materials, new materials, red sun Degradation Research Park base and other key projects, accelerate the construction of a number of construction and completion of a number of batch production batch, further improve the operating rate, completion rate, yield and conversion rate of the project, to enhance the development potential of the project construction. Focus on green development, focus on ecological articles. Seize the province’s beautiful countryside to promote the county throughout the county to promote the opportunity to promote the construction of the beautiful countryside from the point to the surface, so that the county’s beautiful rural construction by bonsai landscape". Vigorously implement the "clean, green and beautify the Dangtu Dangtu Dangtu three action, the full implementation of the" garbage bags, cleaning market, management normalization in the vast rural areas, improve rural production and living conditions, and strive to achieve the blue, green, green mountains, beautiful water. Focus on people-oriented, focus on livelihood. Continue to implement good run practical livelihood, livelihood projects, efforts to protect the interests of the masses, to make the work more in line with the requirements of the masses, comply with the wishes of the masses, and constantly improve people’s sense of gain. At the same time, strengthen the rule of law publicity and education, enhance the ability of all cadres to use the rule of thinking, to use legal means to solve problems, to guide the masses to express their demands reasonable, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests. WAI)相关的主题文章: