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Baoqiang Wang’s first public response to divorce believe that the law fair and just tonya mitchell

Posted on November 16, 2017 by hanson

Baoqiang Wang’s first public response to divorce: believe that the law fair Video: "havoc" Tianzhu Sina entertainment news conference the afternoon of October 10th, Baoqiang Wang [micro-blog] directed the movie "havoc" Tianzhu held a press conference in beijing. At the press conference at the end, Baoqiang Wang said something to keep the media, said: "great changes have taken place in my life, my condition is not very good, (this) pain in every person (not good), not to feel in my body, I feel really hard to survive, but I also convince myself, my parents and two children, I still believe in the world more than good, believe that good, I would cheer up, many of my friends have to help me, I have seen in my heart, help me to gradually out of the shadows. In fact, my response to the law, I believe that the law will be fair and just, I think no matter what happens, I will be strong too, I will work in the back. I can’t beat at this time, life will encounter a lot of things that do not know, you meet yourself, think of a way to get over, everything will be OK, in Chinese is to talk about the law, I believe that the law." (Lu Xuetingwen) (commissioning editor: litchi)相关的主题文章: